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Iran and Saudi Arabia helped Al-Qaeda carry out 9/11 attacks, claims new book

UK Daily Mail [1]
Aug 20, 2011

As the 10th anniversary of 9/11 approaches, two authors who’ve analysed thousands of documents relating to the attack conclude that both Iran and Saudi Arabia helped Al-Qaeda carry it out.

In the aftermath, both countries publicly stated that they’d fight terrorism and expressed their condolences, but The Eleventh Day, by Anthony Summers and Robbyn Swan, produces a compelling argument that they were actually complicit in the attacks.

The book also questions whether George W Bush deliberately withheld evidence linking foreign countries with the attack on the Twin Towers.

The official U.S investigation into the attacks – the 9/11 Commission – found no evidence that Iran was involved, but Summers and Swan beg to differ.

They point to a court document called the Havlish memorandum, which was produced during a civil action brought against Iran by Fiona Havlish, the widow of an insurance consultant who worked in the World Trade Center and was killed when the planes struck.

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