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Iran begins war games in Strait of Hormuz

Deutsche Welle [1]
February 4, 2012

Iran has started military exercises, planned weeks in advance, in the narrow Strait of Hormuz. The exercises come after the West dispatched more warships to the region amid on-going tensions over Iran’s nuclear program.

The hard-line Iranian Revolutionary Guards began naval maneuvers in the Strait of Hormuz on Saturday, more than a week after the western Allies dispatched more warships to the strategically critical choke point in the Persian Gulf.

Iranplans to conduct war games in the strait for the next month, coming at a time of already heightened tension with the US and its European allies over the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program. At the end of January, Washington deployed the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln to the region, which was accompanied by two British and French warships.

Tehranhas threatened to blockade the Strait of Hormuz, the route for one-fifth of the world’s crude oil, in response to EU and US sanctions against its oil exports. Washington has vowed to keep the Persian Gulf open to international trade.

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