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Iran: Global awakening will end cruelty

Press TV [1]
July 23, 2010

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says a new consciousness could develop in the world, which will put an end to tyrannical powers and their injustices.

“All the injustices and brutalities in the world today will soon be eradicated with the awakening of all nations,” IRNA reported the Iranian chief executive as saying on Thursday.

President Ahmadinejad made the comments during a meeting with Seyyed Ali Fadlallah, son of the late Lebanese Shia cleric Grand Ayatollah Seyyed Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah, in the Iranian capital Tehran.

He also offered condolences for the loss of Lebanon’s leading Shia cleric and one of the country’s resistance movement’s principal founders.


President Ahmadinejad further said that the resistance movement will follow on the path of the late Grand Ayatollah and set him as its role model.

Ayatollah Fadlallah passed away at a Beirut hospital earlier this month while placed under intensive care for internal bleeding.

The revered cleric served as the resistance’s spiritual leader following its formation in 1982.

While a prolific scholarly figure, known for his numerous lectures and publications, Fadlallah also founded Islamic religious schools and established the charitable Mabarrat Association, using its contributions for cultural and humanitarian purposes, namely creation of a medical clinic.