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Iran: Israel behind Flame attack

Dudi Cohen
YNet [1]
May 29, 2012

Iran blamed Israel for the Flame malware attack that hit its computer systems two days ago.

Iran’s MAHER Center, which refers to the virus as “Flamer,” said that the attack “has caused substantial damage” and that “massive amounts of data have been compromised and lost.”

While it is unknown who is behind the cyber-strike, said to be highly sophisticated, IT experts say that only a country could have developed such a complex virus.

Iran’s allegations against Israel were based on a statement made by Vice Premier Moshe Yaalon in an interview with Army Radio, saying that “All is fair in the fight to stop Iran’s nuclear program” – including the use of malware.

Ya’alon softened his statement a few hours later. “There are several countries in the West with vast technological capabilities that view Iran, and particularly a nuclear Iran, as a significant threat,” he wrote on his Twitter page. “These countries are probably capable of dealing in cyber warfare.

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