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Iran Warship Heading to Atlantic Barely Survived Earlier Tangle With U.S. Navy

Rory Carroll
CNS News [1]
February 10, 2014

One of two warships which Iran says it is sending to the Atlantic Ocean to send a “message” to the United States had a serious run-in with the U.S. Navy 26 years ago, and barely survived to tell the tale.

The Iranian Navy frigate Sabalan reportedly is now underway on a three-month, 25,000 nautical mile voyage around the southern tip of Africa and then to unspecified waters in the Atlantic where, an Iranian naval commander said at the weekend, it would approach the maritime boundaries of the U.S.

Assuming the Sabalan and accompanying vessel, logistic support ship Kharg, get that far, one possible destination may be Venezuela, Iran’s closest ally in the western hemisphere. The maritime boundaries of Venezuela and the U.S. are only several hundred miles apart in the Puerto Rico area.

Iranian media reported that the two ships set sail from Iran’s port of Bandar Abbas on January 21 for what will be Iran’s first naval mission to the Atlantic.

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