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Iranian foreign minister lashes out at Obama via Twitter

FOX News [1]
October 1, 2013

The apparent efforts by Iran over the past few days to re-connect with the United States and other U.N. countries took an abrupt turn Monday when one of the country’s top officials lashed out at President Obama.

Foreign Minister Javad Zarif used Twitter to accuse Obama of imposing “illegal” sanctions on his country — an argument he has repeatedly made — and of doing a “flip flop.” That was an apparent reference to the president meeting Monday with Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu, Iran’s neighbor and bitter enemy.

“Pres. Obama’s presumption that Iran is negotiating because of his illegal threats and sanctions is disrespectful of a nation, macho and wrong,” Zarif tweeted.

“President Obama needs consistency to promote mutual confidence. Flip flop destroys trust and undermines US credibility,” he wrote in a second tweet.

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