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Is the End of the World Coming This Friday?

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Aaron Dykes
December 17, 2012

Are we living in the end times? For years, the fast approaching end of the Mayan calendar, calculated to end Friday, December 21, 2012 during the winter solstice has been hyped as an apocalyptic conclusion to life as we know it.

After all, the wildness of the current political scene, the unfolding world government, the pace of fantastic technology surveilling and tracking our lives and much more seemingly coincide with many ancient predictions for the final days.

But NO, Alex boldly predicts in this powerful video, the world is not going to end this Friday.

Instead, Alex Jones breaks through the hoax, exposing the cynical use of intriguing observations in the ancient Mayan culture, along with any other useful doomsday scenarios, to condition the population to lay down to the forces of evil running over our lives. Rather than challenging the politics of our society in the here and now, and stopping potential Hitlers or Maos from coming to power, many are content to brace for the afterlife, the rapture, the ascension, the new age or any other version of the hereafter one ascribes to, passing over the influential voice individuals could have to affect change in this world — the one we actually live in now.

In reality, the Mayan culture had a great deal of astonishing knowledge but its cyclical calendar never predicted a doomsday end for the planet. No scholarly researchers, Mayanists, archaeologists or anthropologists have claimed the calendar signals an end; to the contrary, these academics and those still tied to the Mayan people have found an accurate marking of the start of a new cycle according to planetary movements, a new age where their long count date simply starts again.

The apocalyptic interpretation of 2012 was largely manufactured by a number of prominent New Age occultists, as well as numerous Hollywood fiction peddlers, who have distorted the calendrical prediction into an image that renders the individual helpless, and largely empowers the State to tackle some grand, emergency crisis. Consider films like “Armageddon” or “Deep Impact” where the government must deploy teams to destroy an asteroid headed for earth or the eponymous “2012” in which most of the people of the world are consumed by a series of earthquakes, tidal waves and other mass scale destructive events, while a small elite contingent flock to a continuity of civilization “ark” controlled by governmental insiders.

When the world doesn’t end this time, let’s learn a lesson to engage in real problems we could collectively really do something about, that we have a duty to address, rather than waiting for the next obscure predictions for cataclysmic doom — like the planet Niburu or an extraterrestrial invasion– that will, for a time, captivate the imagination and induce a learned helplessness and acceptance of systematic evil that would normally be refused by the populace.

This article was posted: Monday, December 17, 2012 at 4:43 pm

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