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Isis Develops Sophisticated New Weaponry ‘Capable Of Shooting Down Passenger Jets’

Doug Bolton
London Independent [1]
January 6, 2015

Isis scientists and weapons experts have developed sophisticated new weaponry capable of shooting down passenger jets [2], it has been revealed. 

Newly emerged footage shows militants at the group’s Syrian base in Raqqa creating a homemade thermal battery, for use in decommissioned military surface-to-air missiles.

Experts say terror groups have had access to such weapons for decades – but storing them and creating the thermal battery vital to the missile’s function is very difficult without advanced knowledge.

Kim Sengupta, the Independent’s defence correspondent, said the development was especially significant.

“After the US and UK entered Afghanistan in 2001, there were fears that Stinger missiles given by the Americans to the Afghan Mujaheddin to shoot down Russian aircraft may be used by the Taliban against the Western forces” he said.

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