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ISIS recruitment forms reveal 70% of members have hardly any knowledge of Islam… and some read ‘The Koran For Dummies’ to learn anything about the religion

UK Daily Mail [1]
August 15, 2016

Leaked ISIS documents have shown that 70 per cent of recruits have hardly any knowledge of Islam and that some even had to read ‘The Koran for Dummies’ to learn about the religion.

An analysis of recruitment forms from the terror group has revealed that many of is militants do not even have a basic knowledge of the Koran or hadith – the sayings and actions of the Prophet Muhammad.

The documents were acquired by the Syrian opposition site Zaman al-Wasl and shared with the Associated Press.

And out of 3,000 recruits, they showed that only 24 per cent of recruits had an ‘intermediate knowledge’ of Islam with just five per cent considered ‘advanced students’ of the religion.

Only five recruits overall were listed as having memorised the Koran.

At the height of the ISIS drive for foot soldiers in 2013 and 2014, typical recruits included a group of Frenchmen who went bar-hopping with their recruiter back home, a recent European convert who now hesitantly describes himself as gay, and two Britons who ordered ‘The Koran for Dummies’ and ‘Islam for Dummies’ from Amazon to prepare for jihad abroad.

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