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‘Israeli strikes in Syria targeted multiple sites’

JPOST.com [1]
February 2, 2013

‘Time’ quotes Western officials as saying IAF jets hit several targets in Syria, US has given Israel green light to carry out more raids.

IAF raids overnight Tuesday struck multiple targets in Syria,Time magazine reported on Friday, citing Western intelligence officials.

Syria on Wednesday publicly accused Israel [2]of striking a scientific research center northwest of Damascus, denying reports that the strike had targeted a suspected shipment ofanti-aircraft missiles [3] en route to Hezbollah in Lebanon. The description of the military research center that Syria claimed the IAF jets targeted fits the definition of Syria’s Scientific Studies and Research Center [4], which has been labeled a state organization responsible for developing biological and chemical weapons and transferring them to Hezbollah and Hamas.

ime quoted a Western intelligence official as saying that the IAF had targeted at least one or two more targets overnight Tuesday and that the US has given Israel a green light to carry out additional strikes.

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