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Israel’s Justice Ministry seeks to allow police to install hidden video cameras in suspects’ homes

Tomer Zarchin and Jonathan Lis
Haaretz [1]
January 10, 2012

Police would be allowed under certain circumstances to install hidden video cameras in suspects’ homes, under legislation being promoted by the Justice Ministry.

The proposed amendment to the Wiretapping Law, which was debated in a Knesset committee on Monday, drew a scathing condemnation from the Public Defender’s Office, which described the amendment as “an attempt to permit, in a vague and roundabout way, the most invasive and harmful means of investigation possible, which have no precedent in Israeli jurisprudence.”

Justice Ministry official Ravid Dekel told the members of the Knesset Constitution, Law and Justice Committee that listening to wiretapped conversations may not be enough to indicate whether a crime has been committed.

Therefore, she said, there may be cases in which it would be appropriate to allow visual documentation, while making sure to balance the right to privacy with the needs of the investigation.

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