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It’s The Bankers Or Us

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The Austerity Hammer Starts to Fall on United States as Debt Consumes Europe

Alex Jones & Aaron Dykes
December 1, 2010

Problem, Reaction, Solution: Derivatives, Crash, Too Big To Fail, Bailout, Nationalization, Budget Crisis, Privatization, Debt Slavery, Austerity, Evaporating Pensions, Central Banks, Big Government, World Government. It’s been quite a saga, but this economic crisis has been planned sabotage by design. The age of the Offshore Global Cartel is the age of economic warfare with the wealthy Western world. The 3rd World has largely already been brought to its knees. The remaining vestiges of national sovereignty must be eliminated and the middle class consumer society must be swept back to the feudal age by way of a tidal wave looting of living standards, cut wages & pensions, and the bread and circuses of cheap plastic goods and entertainment. The upper middle classes, the array of independent businesses, remaining lone giants and other true competition to the New World Order mafia economy system must be consolidated or dominated.

Alex Jones explains why it is the bankers or us will be free at the end of this crisis. The total cost of the derivatives is over $1.5 Quadrillion, a sum that will completely consume the world in perpetual debt, a sum that can never be repaid. It is an economic shearing, a shearing of the sheep. The economic crisis has always really been a complete transfer of power to the banking class.

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Austerity has now set into the United States, and what is happening today in Ireland, Greece, Spain and Europe at-large looms over America’s future. U.S. taxpayers will likely be the largest funders of the total billions and trillions being used to bailout out European nations while simultaneously ensnaring them in IMF conditionalities. Worst of all, these measures are not a true solution; they only make matters worse. But that’s the point.

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The austerity hammer wielded by central banks and now crushing Europe into subservience will soon fall on the U.S. Fresh bailouts and buyouts by foreign banks are being forced on Ireland and other European nations, while officials in the United States are parlaying news to Americans that wages, pensions, insurance for veteran & military personnel, children’s health care and more are being cut, frozen, or taken away. The entitlement system in America is no doubt rooted in corruption and has blossomed under ever-growing big government. Yet it is the bankers who must be stopped first. 

We cannot reform dependency upon government among the people without first challenging the Federal Reserve and private central banks or shutting the door on the predatory IMF-vampire soliciting invitation to strike directly at the heart of the dweller. The IMF and World Bank have essentially completed their phase I mission of absorbing and dominating 3rd World nations; the scheduled phase II targets are unfolding now in the 1st World Nations– the United States, Canada, UK, Europe and more. 

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The United States bailout was, in essence, an act of terrorism coordinated by Hank Paulson and the Executive Branch, coerced on Congress under threat of martial law; and in the end we learned it was a Trojan Horse payoff to Wall St. that simultaneously obligated us to more than $23 trillion in commitments. It was a deal that relied upon secrecy, conspiracy and fear, yet was sold on a proud, out in-the-open series of bold faced lies. It triggered inflationary spending and transferred more power to the Federal Reserve. Yet all this is only a minute, precursor wave to the tidal wave that is coming. The derivatives crisis, austerity and IMF control are tools for a global takeover via the Hegelian Dialectic. There is a mounting debt of unfathomable proportions– a debt that we people do not owe. We must understand what has really happened and say no to willing submitting to it. 

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This article was posted: Thursday, December 2, 2010 at 5:06 am

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