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Italian family’s triple suicide ‘blamed on government austerity measures which left them in huge debt’

UK Daily Mail [1]
April 8, 2013

Three members of the same Italian family have taken their own lives after state-imposed austerity measures and mounting debts left them believing there was no way out.

Anna-Maria and Romeo Dionisi hanged themselves at their home in the seaside town of Civitanova on the Adriatic coast, becoming the latest victims of the economic crisis.

Mr Dionisi, 63, a former builder, had lost his job and was unable to draw a pension after the state raised the retirement age by five years, 16 months ago, as part of a series of Europe-imposed cuts.

The couple were not able to get by on Mrs Dionisi’s pension of less than almost £500 a month and had fallen months behind on their rent and bills.

On hearing the news, Mrs Dionisi’s elderly brother, Giuseppe Sopranzi, 78, who lived next door to the couple, threw himself into the sea.

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