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ITV to launch ’embedded’ adverts during programmes

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Viewers who like to avoid advert breaks by fast-forwarding through them or making a cup of tea, will no longer be able to avoid them under new plans revealed by ITV.

The broadcaster is developing a form of advertisement that is embedded into programmes, showing logos or messages in clear spaces such as blue sky.

The new technology is known as ‘automatically placed overlay advertising’ and has been developed by Californian company Keystream.

It is being tested on some of the news footage shown on the ITV Local website, with logos from USwitch.com and Freesat appearing in the background. If well-received it could be rolled out onto ITV’s television programmes.


Simon Fell, head of future technology at ITV, said: ‘There’s a lot of potential. If there’s a scene in a programme where there’s time, then it could give us a chance to get an ad away. But obviously on television you won’t be seeing one of these appearing at a crunch point in a drama.

‘The technology looks at moments in the video where it finds segments that are big enough to get a non-moving logo in. Rather than an editor sitting through it and finding space, and all the effort that takes, this does it all automatically.