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Japan set to ban Fukushima cattle shipments after radioactive meat scare

Justin McCurry
London Guardian [1]
July 18, 2011

Japan is poised to impose a ban on shipments of cattle from Fukushima prefecture – the scene of its worst ever nuclear crisis – after discovering that meat containing abnormally high levels of radioactive caesium had been processed and consumed.

The cows had been fed on rice straw containing high levels of the radioactive isotope that was harvested after the 11 March tsunami triggered a core meltdown at Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.

While officials said consuming the meat did not present an immediate threat to health, the incident has highlighted concerns over food safety in the wake of the crisis, which has caused contamination in milk, tea, leaf vegetables, fish and water.

The government is expected to announce the suspension of cattle shipments from Fukushima, and possibly other areas nearby, on Tuesday.

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