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Jim Jones, George W. Bush, Barack H. Obama, And The Abuse of Sacred Authority

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The Excavator
June 20, 2011

Barack Obama is an agent of deception and destruction.

There are people who strongly disagree with the above statement, and believe that it is political heresy to question the intentions of Barack Obama. Such people react with hostility to any suggestion that Obama is not who he says he is, but they are in the minority. There are many more people who agree with the above statement because they have gone beyond the “conspiracy theory” label that acts as a language barrier against free thought and free speech.

Once you recognize the whole truth about the 9/11 attacks you can’t look at political leaders like Barack H. Obama and George W. Bush as you did before you knew the truth. These two men are sociopaths and predatory wolves who have no problem with lying to the people.

The truth of the matter is that modern reality and modern history has been manipulated by mind control experts, mass propagandists, and psychological warfare specialists in Washington. Science fiction author Philip K. Dick touched upon the scary truth of our age when he declared at a conference in France in 1977 that “we are living in a computer programmed reality.”

The power to commit an explosive act like 9/11 and then spin it to the public is the power to create reality and transform society for the benefit of existing power structures. In other words, the American government and the American media has the power of God, but only because the American people have given them this sacred power by believing every word that comes out of the President of the United States and the media talking heads.

Take away that blind faith in the government and the media and you will have a freer America as well as a more peaceful world. But it is not just the American people who are psychologically manipulated. The people under most governments are psychologically manipulated and led astray.

Edward Shils, an influential professor of Sociology at the University of Chicago, said in his book ‘Center and Periphery: Essays in Macrosociology’ that “a society has a set of moral and cognitive beliefs, adherence to which is a condition of its survival,” (1). A society does not get these beliefs by accident. They are created by a powerful ruling elite, which includes intellectuals, journalists, politicians, religious figures, and top government officials.

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The groups and individuals who can be described as America’s cultural creators and political myth-makers are the neocons, mainstream media talking heads, religious leaders, top universities like Harvard and Yale, and high-ranking political leaders, especially the President.

The leadership style of President Bush and President Obama is far more similar to the leadership style of cult leader Jim Jones than past American presidents like John F. Kennedy, George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson.

Like President Bush, Obama is knowingly using techniques of mass manipulation and mass brainwashing against the American people in order to make them believe that the U.S. government has good intentions in the war on terrorism and that there is no plan for a dictatorial one world government.

How can this happen? How is it possible for political leaders to shape society and control people’s beliefs? It is really simple. Humans are biologically inclined to put trust in central authority. It is connected to our instinct for survival.

In times of crises like September 11 people naturally follow a strong leader and an authoritative government. Kings and modern totalitarian leaders like Hitler know that if you want to be followed and trusted you must be authoritative and constantly repeat your talking points. Jim Jones mastered the same dark art of human manipulation. The people have been dominated from ancient times to the 21st century by tricksters in power.

American anthropologist Clifford Geertz said there is “inherent sacredness” within “central authority,” (2). Geertz wrote in an essay called ‘Centers, Kings, and Charisma: Reflections on the Symbolics of Power’:

At the political center of any complexly organized society (to narrow our focus now to that) there is both a governing elite and a set of symbolic forms expressing the fact that it is in truth governing. No matter how democratically the members of the elite are chosen (usually not very) or how deeply divided among themselves they may be (usually much more than outsiders imagine), they justify their existence and order their actions in terms of a collection of stories, ceremonies, insignia, formalities, and appurtenances that they have either inherited or, in more revolutionary situations, invented. It is these–crowns and coronations, limousines and conferences–that mark the center as center and give what goes on there its aura of being not merely important but in some odd fashion connected with the way the world is built. The growth of high politics and the solemnity of high worship spring from liker impulses than might first appear. (3).

The highest centers of power in the West are conferences like the Bilderberg, Bohemian Grove, Pilgrims Society, and various other secret destinations and groups. In these places is located the dark heart of the Anglo-American and Western ruling elite. Lower levels include the G8, G20, and world economic forums like the Davos conference. The White House and Congress are merely vessels. Decisions are not made by the President in the oval office, his job is to articulate elite consensus and use his authority to make the people believe in grand fictions.

Professor Shils said that although there is no king in America or modern democratic states the power of central authority to create societal and cultural beliefs is huge. A government, whether it be a religious one, a totalitarian one, or a democratic one, has sacred power: the power to convince people, and shape beliefs. That is why it is incredibly important that we are vigilant about who gets into positions of power. Bush should not have gotten away with stealing the election in 2000. Likewise, Obama must not get away with lying about 9/11, the war on terror, the Libyan war, and the state-managed death of Osama Bin Laden. Shils wrote:

There is nowadays no belief in the divine right of kings. Authority is alleged to be “functional,” expediential, matter-of-fact, and there is some truth in the allegation. There still inheres in it, however, an element of genuine religiosity. (4).

People religiously follow political leaders, and this is true across the political spectrum. Conservatives religiously follow George Bush, liberals religiously follow Barack Obama, and retards religiously follow Sarah Palin. It is the same in every country.

Shils said that because people are submissive to figures of authority it is easy for politicians and presidents to abuse this power and deceive the people. Nixon, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, and Obama are all guilty of abusing the power of sacred authority. Shils said:Link

The bearers of authority might be disliked, and even hated. They very often are. They might give no comfort to anyone. But because they are authoritative, they receive deference. Presidents, party secretaries, prime ministers, chief justices, leading politicians, and great industrialists, because they possess the power to indulge or damage, because they form and set the order within which action may occur, and because within that framework of order they instigate the action of others, are successful claimants of deference, even in a relatively equalitarian society. (5).

Geertz said the same thing, writing that “though both the structure and the expressions of social life change, the inner necessities that animate it do not. Thrones may be out of fashion, and pageantry too; but political authority still requires a cultural frame in which to define itself and advance its claims, and so does opposition to it. A world wholly demystified is a world wholly depoliticized,” (6).

Journalists are also instrumental in the creation of political and cultural beliefs. American sociologist and political scientist Morris Janowitz, author of the essay ‘The Journalistic Profession and the Mass Media,’ said; “To create culture–to contribute to its continuity and modification–is to produce and implant a perception of reality,” (7). We saw the active creation of culture in the immediate hours and days after the 9/11 attacks when government leaders from the United States, England, and Israel went on television to scapegoat Osama Bin Laden and the Al-Qaeda network for the attacks.

Media institutions like the BBC, ABC, CNN, and Fox News gave a platform to government leaders like Ehud Barak and George Bush to lie to the global public and put their story out. Real journalists would have gone down to Ground Zero to investigate the area and examine government claims. Real journalists would have studied the history of Al-Qaeda, and Bin Laden’s connections to Western intelligence agencies. But none of that was done because 99 percent of journalists are submissive whores of the powers-that-be or too cowardly to question the statements made by powerful leaders. Janowitz wrote:

Journalists participate in the cultural process by selecting and rejecting content and thereby determining what will come to the attention of the various audiences and publics in a “mass” society. (8).

We live in revolutionary times because the power of the state and corporate media is waning as the alternative media grows in strength. But there are still many websites that are not classified as “mainstream” which censor the view that 9/11 was an inside job. Antiwar.com and Democracy Now are probably the two biggest alternative sites that repeat the official 9/11 lie as though it is true.

Obviously, there is a power greater than the media at work which is prohibiting people from thinking independently about 9/11, and that is the power of human psychology. People are naturally conservative about what they believe and don’t like to change them. Saying that 9/11 was an inside job is too radical a belief for a lot of people, even so-called radicals and liberals who claim to be objective and without prejudice.

  • A d v e r t i s e m e n t

“Heresy,” said Geertz, “is as much of a child of orthodoxy in politics as it is in religion,” (9). Many people have recognized this truth in the post-9/11 political and cultural environment. The label conspiracy theorist is just a modern form of heretic. It is used by government authorities, political leaders, and journalists as a political weapon. And it works in marginalizing critics and political dissenters because many people still believe what people in authority say everyday. “The extraordinary,” said Geertz, “has not gone out of modern politics, however much the banal may have entered; power not only still intoxicates, it still exalts,” (10).

I will repeat the statement I made in the beginning of the article: Barack Obama is an agent of deception and destruction. This is not a conspiratorial statement. It is not crazy to speak the truth. I can say Obama is for destruction and mass murder because he has expanded the wars in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, and started a new one in Libya. Obama is not a man of peace. Of course, he specifically does not make policy, but he is also not an empty suit. He believes in the agenda for a global war because such a crisis would pave the way for his dream: a world totalitarian government controlled by a banking, corporate, intellectual, and political elite.

How do we get people to stop following Barack Obama the mass murderer and traitor? And beyond that, how do we change the modern Western political system? It is as easy as taking the power back, that is, the power of sacred authority, the power of faith and trust. Authority does not lie on Obama’s lips, or within the Oval Office. Authority comes from the truth, and from the heart of the people.

We live in incredible times. The world is in another era of political enlightenment and cultural evolution. People around the world are rediscovering the fact that the power of God is within them, not within politicians, leaders, churches, mosques, and governments. True, there are still millions of people have trouble believing that society can be created by a small group of political, economic and cultural elites, but they will learn the complete truth about the nature of modern politics eventually.

The mass political awakening we’re witnessing is a process like all great historical transformations. There was a time when the word of the King meant life or death for an entire kingdom, and people justified that political system as good and holy. We don’t have to look back that far to find examples of how the sacred power of central authority as Geertz put it is abused and misused by tyrants and political leaders on a grand historical scale. Just look at Hitler, Stalin, Mao, the Shah of Iran, Mubarak, Franco, and on and on it goes.

History is full of mad men and mad elites running wild with godly power. They see people as objects to be deceived, scolded, and molded for a higher purpose. Washington’s elite is just following the tradition of power and empire. But their time has come and gone, and they know it. Washington is not sacred, Obama is not sacred, and Bush is not sacred. Both men are guilty of high treason and war crimes. The day is soon at hand when this won’t be a radical statement but a plain fact of history.


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This article was posted: Monday, June 20, 2011 at 2:14 am

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