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John Kerry Warns Released Taliban Leaders ‘We Will Kill You’ to Protect US

Jack Moore
International Business Times [1]
June 9, 2014

US Secretary of State John Kerry has warned the five Taliban leaders released in a swap deal for sergeant Bowe Bergdahl that America will kill them if they threaten the security of America again.

He warned them that the Obama administation will use every tool at its disposal to ensure the security of the American people, hinting that the former Guantanomo Bay inmates would remain in US cross-hairs.

“I’m not telling you that they don’t have the ability to go back to get involved, but they have the ability to get killed doing that, and I don’t think that anybody should doubt the capability of the USA to protect Americans,” Kerry said yesterday.

“We will do whatever is necessary to protect the USA. So these guys pick a fight with us in future, or now, or at anytime, at enormous risk.”

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