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GP: Alex, it is a real privilege. You are the bit of light that is breaking through the electronic Berlin Wall. For those who donít know me, I report for BBC television, which is a major news outlet of the world except it doesnít come into the U.S., my reports are basically blacked out. The only way I can get through is if you hear me on Alex Jones or a few courageous radio stations. Youíve done tremendous work Alex. And you are right. Iím considered a real annoyance, a pain in the bottom to both the Republicans and Democrats because Iím an investigative reporter. I have to go after both. And today, the reason I want to come on today is to break a bit of news. And especially today, my book is coming out from Penguin Press, ďThe Best Democracy Money Can Buy,Ē comes out just today. And I asked Alex if I could launch the book on his program - not on the usual suspects on the big networks. I think that this is where I want to be. So coming out is ďThe Best Democracy Money Can BuyĒ, it is the real story of the Bush family, the Democrats, the Republicans, it has everything from 9/11 to the theft of the election in Florida to the World Bank and IMF secret documents that Iíve uncovered. Iíve got brand new stuff - this is a hardback, this is completely rewritten, itís twice as long...

AJ: And Greg, Iím not trying to toot my horn or your horn but the example of what one person can do. People say, ďwell what can I do?Ē Whoever leaked the Patriot Act II in the Justice Dept. is causing them big problems. The person, one of our listeners who made a transcript, when you were on the show back in March 4th, that was published in hundreds of newspapers. That was translated into all these languages. It shows what the alternative media can do. Can you speak to that?

GP: Thatís right. Well, I have to say, back in March I was on your program and I broke the fact that I obtained a series of documents marked secret and confidential from inside the IMF and the World Bank, which basically nation-by-nation laid out plans for reorganizing these nationsí economies. They are basically plans for financial coup dítats in places like Argentina, Bolivia, Tanzania. And, needless to say, those are plans which benefited a few New York financiers and a few corporations, to their benefit.

AJ: And the plans detailed out to blow-out economies, cause riots, take over the government and install a new government.

GP: And I have to say that our interview ran on the front page of papers in Turkey, Argentina. In fact, itís been translated into something like forty languages. And I have to tell you that finally the mainstream press is picking it up because itís been a year since that broadcast but this month Harperís Magazine, which is of course one of the great voices of the New York establishment. Itís a terrific journal. They are running that story now with copies of some of the documents. I have brand new stuff. So Alex, you are a year ahead of the pack. Itís going to be all over the place now. Itís in the book, by the way. My discussions with you and the newest information....

AJ: Youíre kidding. You put that, because I have your hardback, youíre saying the new edition coming out in how many languages, has our interview?

GP: Well, I have your interview in something like twelve languages in the book. In the U.S. edition, I make mention of it. You are acknowledged in the back for the stand-up work that you have done.

AJ: Wow, I didnít know that. Well, thank you Greg. That just shows that alternative media can have an effect.

GP: Well, itís not alternative.

AJ: Youíve got some new bombshells today.

GP: Yeah, well thereís a few. One of the stories that I broke on BBC television was that before September 11th, FBI agents and CIA agents told BBC television that they were blocked from investigating certain members of the bin Laden family in America who were tied to suspect terrorist organizations. And that they could not investigate Saudi Arabian funding of al Qaeda and other terrorist groups. And they were very frustrated that they could not do this investigation before September11th. The other documents showing the investigations were, some of them were permitted to go forward beginning September 13th, 2001. And I have to say, I donít know whether George Bush had any knowledge or pre-knowledge of September 11th or any of that, but what I was investigating though was why were the intelligence agencies told to stay away. And I want to give you a piece of information, Alex, which some is in the new book and some will be on your show for the first time today.

One of the things I am very concerned about, BBC learned about from two completely separate sources - is about a meeting in June of 1996 in Paris between Saudi Arabian billionaires, international arms dealers and the finance arm of al Qaeda. And there was a discussion about how much the Saudis would pay to al Qaeda and these other so-called charities that were really fronts for terrorist organizations. My view is that the Saudis were going to pay off these guys to get out of Saudi Arabia. That was the month that nineteen American servicemen were killed in Saudi Arabia when al Qaeda blew up the Khobar Towers. The nineteen American servicemen were dead and so the Saudis, rather than to go after these guys, said weíll write them a big check and tell them to go play in Afghanistan. And I was wondering why the intelligence agents were not free, were not free by the Bush Administration, to really to go after that source of funding. You know the old rule of investigation is follow the money. If you canít look at Osama bin Ladenís piggy bank and you canít check out his checking account, you are not going to know what heís up to. So I found out who was at the meeting. And one guy at the meeting, according to two separate sources is a rich Saudi named Sheikh Abdullah Bakhsh, at least is how it is spelled in English.

AJ: And was involved in Harken back in the 70s.

GP: Boy are you - youíve got a good memory. You know exactly what it comes from. This guy was supposedly in this meeting about funding al Qaeda. What we also know is that when George W. Bush was in the oil business, he made millions in the oil business but he never struck oil. But he seemed to strike the pockets of several Saudi Sheikhs. Every time he had an oil venture going south, he had one called Arbusto and another called Spectrum - finally those were bought up by Harken Oil. A Gulf Sheikh would come in and put up the money to pull George W. out of the financial fire. And it was Sheikh Abdullah Bakhsh who was the big money helping to refinance Harken Oil and save George W. from, basically from bankruptcy in the oil business. So this is the guy - you know when our president says there are thousands of people out there trying to kill us and people supporting terror, he might want to look at some of his own business partners.

AJ: Isnít he one of the richest people in Saudi Arabia - and also bin Ladenís older brother was involved in it too right here in Texas.

GP: Well, you know he did have - I havenít been able to get the information on the Texas story. You may have more information on that. What I was concerned about is that there are two members of the bin Laden family in Washington, D.C. and Virginia Falls, which overlooks the Pentagon. And Abdullah and Omar bin Laden - now you have to be careful, there are lots of Abdullahs and there are lots of Omar bin Ladens. Remember Osama has 52 brothers and sisters. Thatís quite a family. So not all of them with the name bin Laden or even Abdullah are suspect. But these two guys and you have this on your program because this was from the FBI document 199I which is a national security secret document which the agents basically dropped off for us because they were upset that they couldnít investigate these guys. And they were fronting an organization called WAMY which sounds very nice - the World Assembly of Muslim Youth - and they do actually support little baseball teams and basketball teams and that type of thing. But I thought some of their films for training camps for kids were basically recruitment for suicide bombings, recruitment for Jihad. And this was going on Florida, by the way. And now it turns out that a member of this organization, headed at one point by the bin Ladens and by the Saudi Royal family, turns out to be the conduit for the tapes of Osama bin Laden to al Jazeera television. A guy was just arrested in Somalia from WAMY. This is the organization that the FBI wanted to investigate and they were told, ďBack off.Ē And we have to be concerned about is whether - Iím very concerned about whether the Bush familyís finances are prejudicing their view of how to conduct foreign policy, how to handle the intelligence....

AJ: Well, in 2001, the Wall Street Journal called for the Bushes to get out of the Carlyle Group.

GP: Yes, for those who donít know - if youíve been listening to Alex, Iím sure you do know - that the bin Laden family is one of the funders of the Carlyle Group. And you know, this is one of the problems that you run into with many things. You talk about the Homeland Security and the USA Patriot Act. One of the things thatís coming out of the book - and if you donít mind me mentioning the book out today is ďThe Best Democracy Money Can Buy,Ē acknowledging the great work of Alex Jones to get this word into the USA. Like I say itís mainstream stuff in the rest of the world but Iím kind of put out as a pariah on U.S. television....

AJ: Well they now admit universal censorship - they are actually telling them from the nightly news rooms to the Grammyís there will be no criticism of the Fuehrer.

GP: Well Iíve got to tell you, I had Dan Rather on my show in Britain, another reporter was questioning him and he said, ďLook we canít ask the tough questions about September 11. We canít ask tough questions about the war in Iraq. I know we should but we just canít do it because Iíll be roasted unpatriotic.Ē And when this questioning becomes unpatriotic, Alex, it really gets me a bit concerned.

AJ: Well, Teddy Roosevelt said that was the definition of being patriotic.

GP: Well, you know when you are talking about Homeland Security and keeping track of you private finances, whether you own a legal weapon, etc., who is the company making the money off this? Forbes Magazine says that we donít know who lost the war on terror but we sure know whoís won it: a company called ChoicePoint. Youíll find this in the book, which is, ďThe Best Democracy Money Can Buy.Ē And what is interesting about ChoicePoint, if you remember I broke a story in BBC that before the Florida election of 2000, Kathryn Harris and Jeb Bush knocked off 57,000 legal voters off the voter rolls. And it turns out that most of them were black. Itís not that they were prejudiced against blacks but they didnít like the fact that they generally vote democratic. And who gave them this list of voters - supposedly they were knocked off because they were felons and evil-doers who are not allowed to vote in Florida. Well, it turns out that all of those people, 90.2% of the people on that list were innocent. And that swung the election. Who came up with that rotten little list - it was a company called ChoicePoint. Who is the biggest contractor for the war on terror and Homeland Security for spying on Americans? ChoicePoint. They picked the president and the president has picked them for the total information awareness business. And now they want your blood, Alex. Youíll find this is in the book, too. It is a company called Bode Technologies which has been getting a lot good air play because they supposedly find all the kiddies who, when you see their pictures on the milk cartons - missing children, they use DNA samples to find the missing kids. Itís a very heart-warming story. And they encourage you to send them your blood and your DNA and your hair and all that, if your kid gets lost. What they should tell you is that this company, Bode Technologies, is also the biggest contractor for the FBI for supplying their DNA coded system.

AJ: Well, theyíve even said - Iíve had one of these individuals on the show, who had pushed back in the early 90s for a federal law that we all have to give DNA at birth. And now itís come out that one of those blood tests theyíve been doing - most of the states now have been caught but they keep doing it - they say itís a blood test for your baby. They take three ampoules, one goes to the health department, which is the blood test, one goes to the state and one goes to the feds. Theyíve got illegal DNA databases. And again this is just being done and itís always shadowy CIA front companies involved in it, as you just mentioned.

GP: Well, in fact, the company, Bode Technologies is a 100% owned subsidiary of the company that made Bush president - ChoicePoint. The same company, I mean for picking our president, theyíve done very well for themselves while the rest of the stock market is going down the tubes, this company is rising.

AJ: Well yeah, look at it. The oil is up, the bank is up, the security, the police state stocks are all up. This is our new economy - a gulag.

GP: So I have some chapters as to who is really winning the war on terror, in the book, in "The Best Democracy Money Can Buy.Ē And Iíve got to tell you that weíve got other problems. Not only is the Bush family deeply involved with Saudi Arabia - itís like ďsee no Saudi evil, hear no Saudi evil, speak no Saudi evilĒ - which is fine if that helps the interests of the United States. But one has to ask when you have 15 of 19 hijackers coming from Saudi Arabia, whatís really going on here? I am very concerned. And I have to tell you, I have spoken to agents, FBI agents, CIA agents. And some of them and you know those are agencies that have done some pretty strange things that we wish they hadnít done but there are a lot of guys in there who are really trying to protect America.

AJ: Thatís why we are getting all these leaks now.

GP: Thatís right. And not one of them said, Alex, if we didnít have the Bill of Rights, we could have gotten these guys. If we didnít have personal freedoms, we could have gotten these guys.

AJ: But Ashcroft and others, and George Will are now saying exactly that - while we leave the borders wide open. Greg, let me just for a second, I know youíve got some other news you want to break here. And we are honored to have you. Bill Moyers reported on something that MSNBC, that the New Yorker Magazine, and FOX just mentioned a year ago. That as Konduz and Kandahar were falling - then it was 6000, now itís upwards of 8000 - cream of the crop al Qaeda and Taliban were loaded on U.S. government aircraft with ISI and flown out to safety. And we know that the Republican Senate report in 1999 said that al Qaeda was being funded by Clinton, that means the CIA, to attack the Serbs and start that war. And so here we have the government flying them out and Bill Moyers, I read part of his transcript yesterday, said well they did fly them out - itís just an accident. You start connecting all this together. We know they were CIA assets in the past. You start connecting it all together. Greg, I know youíre a BBC reporter, you canít go out on a limb here, I do because I have the facts and all of it together. This thing is a giant operation. We were kooks to say prior knowledge. Thatís now admitted fact. I think youíve got more than prior knowledge; youíve got funding and training - the LA Times reported tens of millions of dollars in early 2001 being sent to the Taliban. The only Taliban leader to be held by our government was the one guy who blew the whistle about 9/11. He stayed behind thinking he would be a hero. They grabbed him. Heís off to some undisclosed location. They have this top Taliban general, the Washinton Times reported, the CIA ordered his release. I mean all of these pieces together. What do you have to say about that?

GP: Well, thatís what Iím hunting down, the pieces. Iíll let you put it together, Alex. I just provide the dots. You can make the connections. One of the reasons why I believe that the bin Laden connection to this terrorist organization was not hunkered down before September 11th - their front organization or the recruiting organization, however you want to call it - is that, as you said, it started really with the Daddy Bush administration and carried through the Clinton administration.

AJ: What about when Larry Klayman got up on national TV and said, ďWe canít tell you what we know. Hereís a letter threatening to arrest us.Ē He had Robert Wright, the FBI agent. And then he added to all of this, that the Bushes, by the way, vacation with the bin Ladens. Thatís all I can say. Itís amazing, Greg.

GP: Yeah, well, the backing of the Chechens, thatís just all blow-back. I mean these guys were created by the Bush family.

AJ: Tell you what, stay there Greg Palast. Quick break....

GP: Weíve got the IMF stuff, too.

AJ: Yeah weíve got the new IMF revelations, a bunch of stuff about the election, the CIA military industrial complex take over. Weíre joined by Greg Palast. Iím Alex Jones.


AJ: The second hour is coming up and Greg Palast will be with us for another 35 minutes. Weíll open the phones up a little bit later. The toll free number to talk to Greg Palast is 1-800-259-9231. If you would like to get my documentary films about September 11th or my book, ďDescent into Tyranny,Ē go to infowars.com or net or call toll free 1-888-253-3139, thatís 888-253-3139 or infowars.com. Greg Palastís website, which we have a link to is gregpalast.com. He has a best selling book, ďThe Best Democracy Money Can Buy.Ē You know all this talk about the loving world government democracies; itís bad enough. We need a constitutional republic. But theyíre just calling pure tyranny their loving world democracy and Greg has got a bunch of bombshell news stories, the latest developments, to drop on us. And we are honored to have him here with us today. Greg Palast, continuing with the information. Any other key points you want to add.

GP: There are several. Like you say, the book just came out today, ďThe Best Democracy Money Can Buy.Ē The hardback, I think hit the New York Times best seller list because of Alex Jones, because so many of the listeners decided that they needed this information. It shocked everyone. The Times said where did this book come from? Well, Alex, we know. But the new book is a special U.S. edition. Itís double in size of what it was. And one of the new things in there is that we are about to go into Iraq - part of the reason is that Saddam has a bomb. Or he has at least an erector set to make one.

AJ: And who gave him the components?

GP: Yeah, read it right in the book. What you have is we had a defector that came from Saudi Arabia with 14,000 documents in his possession from the Saudi Arabians. The FBI was offered these documents. This was when Bill Clinton was president. The FBI was offered these documents. They said, ďNo thanks, we are not allowed to look.Ē But I can tell you what was in those documents. One of the things was information that the Saudi Arabian government gave $7 billion to Saddam to build his bomb. And that happened during the Reagan-Bush administration because at that time, remember, we didnít have an axis of evil. We had a unicycle of evil: Iran. And the idea was that we give Saddam the bombs so he could shake it at the Iranians. We didnít care if he had a bomb. You know itís very interesting. So, thatís in the book....

AJ: Rumsfeld just wasnít the bagman for the saran, the VX, the West Nile, the anthrax, the botulism. For six months over there, he also was involved on the board of ABB, transferring nuclear reactors that could produce 100 warheads per year, that we know learn, to North Korea. So they go set up these people. Itís always Bush former associates. Itís always bin Laden or Saddam or Noriega. Itís always somebody they arm and then we got to have our kids march off to death in this World War III when Bush says itís a new hundred-year war.

GP: Well yeah, itís kind of all war, all the time - economy - hoping that that will save our economy. And some of the goofy things they are doing, for example, one of the big projects - our government is now busting the budget to order three dozen Virginia class nuclear submarines. These are supposed to attack Soviet subs. Well there arenít any Soviet subs. There is no Soviet Union. So what they are doing is making them war on terror machines to fight the war on terror. But they are loading these billion dollar babies with are torpedoes - listen to this one Alex, youíll love this one - torpedoes, which will be filled with nine Marines. I donít know where they are going to get the volunteers for the torpedo. We are going to fight the war on terror by landing Marines, Navy Seals and Marines on the beaches. Israelis do this type of command operation; they use canoes. We are going to use a $1.6 billion submarine to fire torpedoes filled with Navy Seals.

AJ: Stay right there, Greg Palast. I want to get back to the World Bank and the IMF. When you were on this show on March 4th, you said there is going to be a coup in the next month and there was an attempted coup two weeks later - actually a week and a half later. We want to talk about the World Bank/IMF - how they brag about how they are going to destroy all these economies, how they institute the police state, who is really behind all this. Itís all coming up and your calls.


AJ: In this email that Greg Palast sent me, he said, ďyou are allowing me to speak about the sinister and secretive plan of the IMF/World Bank and now itís become mainstream approval. This is my exposure.Ē This is his exposure of inside documents from inside the New World Order will be featured in this monthís Harperís Magazine. And then we have the New York Times last week, Richard Bernstein, ďNations seek world order centered on UN not U.S.Ē And it says ďthe meeting was saturated by the World Bank with the heads of Europe. The meeting was saturated with a commitment to what may be viewed as a form of world government, the supervision of countries by international civil service bureaucracy.Ē And this is all run by the World Bank and the IMF. And itís not freedom-loving; itís tyranny-loving. Itís the new empire. Itís not about left or right. Itís about organized crime syndicates.

Ladies and gentlemen, and joining us is Greg Palast who was just talking about confirmed connections to the bin Laden family and the Bushes with the WAMY group being protected in these meetings in the late 1990s. And Bush protecting these people, as well as Clinton doing it and how all this ties together. And now how the military industrial complex is winning the war on terror, that is winning the profits of the hundreds of millions of dollars of profits. They say it will be a $1.7 to $1.9 trillion. Thatís very important - 1.7 to 1.9 trillion dollars - five year occupational war costs in Iraq. Greg Palast, getting back into the latest revelations of the IMF/World Bank documents. They have never denied that you got those from a secret source. They just tried to spin it but it has caused a firestorm. How are they dealing with this now that the evidence came out that they were orchestrating the implosion of economies?

GP: Well, what they are doing is once again saying that Iím a conspiracy nut. It always gives the conspirators a good laugh. Whatís happened is that they have a problem in that they vilified me and they vilified the guy who interpreted the documents. He didnít hand me the documents but he interpreted them - the former chief economist of the World Bank. He knew that these documents were authentic. And his name is Joe Stiglitz. And theyíve got a problem because they were vilifying him as a nutcase and an evil guy and then he just won the Nobel Prize in Economics. So this is a Nobel Prize winner who set out the information we had was authentic. What these are are documents - some of them are called nicely, politely country assistance plans but they direct these nations to give up their resources. For example, in the nation of Ecuador, it says that this country could receive no international funds. Itís just like you canít go to the bank and get a mortgage or you canít get a house. They were going to cut off their financing unless they met what they call conditionalities. One of the conditionalities was that a permit be given to British Petroleum for a pipeline over the Andes and that they give their gas to British Petroleum. In the case of Argentina, they required the nation to give up its water system to a company named Enron. And you know who was lobbying for Enron. I discovered, and itís brand new to my book. My book, by the way, again came out today, ďThe Best Democracy Money Can Buy.Ē The brand new U.S. revised edition. And in this new U.S. edition, I say who benefited from that World Bank dictate to Argentina to turn over its gas supplies, its oil supplies and its water supplies to Enron and a couple of other operators. The Public Works Minister of Argentina got a call from a guy named Jeb Bush saying, ďListen my daddy was just elected president.Ē This is in 1988. And he would appreciate and it would create good relations with the United States if you would please give a company named Enron that contract for Argentinaís gas. And the guy from the Public Works Minister in Argentina was horrified because Enron was only going to pay one-fifth of the world price for this stuff. What was the Bush family doing getting involved in that?

AJ: Amazing. Itís criminal and on top of it, the World Bank/IMF documents also state how their actions, grabbing the water, the roads, the fuel, the forests, will cause riots. And how thatís good because they get to crack down even more. Weíll be right back in three minutes with Greg Palast to launch into the latest revelations about the IMF/World Bank takeover. And how itís finally breaking into the mainstream news, then your calls.


AJ: The organization of the FBI was blocked from investigating by Clinton and Bush, who is headed by the U.S. bin Laden families now unquestionably tied to terrorism. The new book is ďThe Best Democracy Money Can Buy.Ē Itís already a best seller and now itís in paperback, twice the size, and a lot of information coming out in paperback today around the country. We are joined by Greg Palast. And coming up in a few minutes, we are going to go to your calls. John and Jan and others who are patiently holding. The toll free number to join us on air nationwide is 1-800-259-9231. Greg Palast, getting back to the IMF/World Bank, you detailed in our interview on March 4th, that there would be a coup, guaranteed you said. You donít, again, go out on limbs, you obviously have the documentation. How did you know there would be a coup? And the military grabbed him, he was about to have an accident and suddenly there were riots and they had to release him. How did you know that was going to happen?

GP: That was the president of Venezuela. Well, there was not much guessing because I know how these guys operate and I was able to get the word from the plotters. And I have my hands into both camps. I try to get the information - it turns out that OPEC got advanced warning of what was about to happen. Now the problems that we run into - you know, no one is looking at Venezuela except for you and a few people. The war is aimed at Iraq....

AJ: But this is where we get most of our oil.

GP: Right, our oil coming into Texas is heavy Venezuelan crude. It was Venezuela that broke the Arab oil embargo in í73. And the Bush Administration wants to make sure that we have control of Venezuelaís oil now. So they keep talking about Iraq.....

AJ: Yeah, so they can keep oil prices high during the war. They donít want Venezuela bringing in cheap crude. They want to rip you off at the pump. I hope you enjoy it. Heating fuel has doubled in prices.

GP: Yeah, itís gone crazy. And then now also this story about the World Bank. As you know, I went through the documents from the World Bank, marked secret, and one of the things it had in there - it says well if you go ahead with these plans, we know, for example, in the case of Ecuador. If we go ahead and require you to double the price of cooking gas in Ecuador, because thatís the only way you can cook your food in Ecuador is with bottled gas. So this is like life and death, you increase the price of food, you increase the price of gasoline, you increase the price of cooking gas, we know that this will create what they call social unrest. And when they did that, of course, the social unrest, what they mean by social unrest, I wasnít quite sure and said it looks like there was going to be a riot if they impose these plans and they know it. And Joe Stiglitz is the chief economist for the World Bank and he was the guy on the inside. He said, ďOh yeah, thatís what we call the IMF riot.Ē So the riot was written into the plan. And then it says the government has to respond with political resolve and strong resolve. They keep using that term. That means troops in the streets.

AJ: Greg Palast, I want to go back for a second here. This is so important. We cannot just glaze over this, folks, youíve got to listen carefully. And so they would create the climate, to create the disaster, offer a police state solution and then before that they donít want this Venezuelan crude coming into the country to keep prices down. They want a staged war where they will make massive profits on increased gas prices. This is total criminal activity.

GP: Well, you know whatís happening is that also Hugo Chavez is President of Venezuela has been vilified by the liberal press, by the right press, by the establishment press. And he is the guy who just said, ďLook, we are poor brown people down here and we need a few extra bucks,Ē and as his minister told me, he is the dissenter of the New World Order and they canít let him stay in office. They have to kill him. They have to get rid of him now because he said no to these plans. If the IMF comes to you - and the World Bank guys, they fly in their teams and they stay at the big intercontinental hotels, in the 5-star hotels, and then they dictate their plans, an average of 114 conditions, an average, to each nationís finance minister. And they have a pre-written document with a place for his signature. So itís voluntary. Itís voluntary like they have this financial gun to this guyís head.

AJ: Well, itís like Don Corleone in ďThe GodFatherĒ - an offer you canít refuse.

GP: Right, so of course they sign-off. Usually these plans are kept secret or partly secret and people only see the effects. Suddenly the prices of gasoline or oil rise and suddenly food prices rise. People don't know whatís going on and their pensions are cut. Last week in Bolivia, 35 people were killed because the IMF ordered, the IMF ordered a massive increase in taxes on working people there. And while they cut salaries, people couldnít afford it. Taxes were bigger than their salaries, so they rioted. But the IMF knew there was going to be a riot. Like you say, riots have their value because then that allows the reaction....

AJ: We caught them at demonstrations here. The feds in Seattle hiring provocateurs, housing them, so sometimes they provocateured as well. But people in the third world are starting to get wind of this because of your writings and work and because of the listener with the transcript that went worldwide and then to hundreds of newspapers, as you said. But the thing that folks have to understand here is that they are doing it here in another fashion. And they are telling police, and Iím getting this all over the country, Greg, that they are going to engineer a major financial implosion here. And that they have been issuing riot gear and riot training - and Iím not kidding - Humvees with microwave guns. And the Sunshine Project reported, helicopters with knock-out gas. I mean, it is an insane police state they are setting up for an engineered collapse here. Are you getting that from your sources?

GP: What Iím getting, I havenít looked at the police side of this, Iím looking at the intelligence side. What is breaking down now, for example, when I talk about the company getting the DNA samples, they say this is private; we donít turn it over to government. ChoicePoint is the company that fixed the election in Florida, says we have 20 billion pieces of data on Americans. And that is supposed to be private data but under the USA Patriot Act, every little bit of that information is suddenly opened without a search warrant for the first time in American history - without a search warrant....

AJ: And it gives liability protection to the companies doing the DNA and other data mining.

GP: Yeah, data mining which is done without search warrants. They can go through your private records now for the very first time. So when these companies say it is all private - no it ainít - not under the new law, it ainít. And thatís one of the big problems. And I have to tell you, agents arenít saying we need that to capture the bad guys. They know where the bad guys are. They just want to be able to use the laws that already exist.

AJ: Yeah, theyíre on C-130s getting flown out of Kandahar.

GP: You know and Iíve got to tell you, when you look at who is doing the data mining, there is a company called Syntech, which was hired, which was given a big fact contract by John Poindexter, who is head of this Total Information Awareness Program.

AJ: Who is a convicted felon.

GP: Five felony convictions - they were overturned on technicalities, Alex, I have to say. But youíve got a guy running our spy agency who has had five felony convictions. Yes, they were overturned on technicalities but it was serious...

AJ: By a political judge.

GP: Yes, so what happened, the company Syntech, which is getting the big contracts to do the data mining on Americans. The senior vice president was until recently John Poindexter - the guy in charge of Total Information Awareness. These guys are like....

AJ: Greg, have you read the new Patriot Act?

GP: Just parts, itís so big and so mind boggling..

AJ: Well, I read all of it and wrote an analysis. Itís on infowars.com if you want to pick it up on your site - so all of your millions of viewers can distribute it. I read the whole thing and itís been picked up by quite a few papers who have asked for permission to reprint. I read it when it first came out three weeks ago. It turned out there was a Senate version, S. 22 already introduced. And so now, Ashcroft and his minions are out promoting it. This thing says that they can grab American citizens for any reason, secretly, hold them in detention camps and not even tell anyone that they were grabbed.

GP: You know, there is an organization which sued the U.S. government and simply asked for lists of people being held in detention - not even asking for open trials, simply asking for the list of those who are held in detention. And, you know, the government just dragged its feet. I am very concerned that there are two things - one, like I say there are those people who are connected financially to the Bush family and who seem to be getting a nice free ride on investigations. And yet, there are Americans, we donít know who they are because we canít get the list. And we donít even know how many. I am very concerned about this. I know you are. And itís the personal question of our civil liberties. I have to report these stories on BBC television which goes all over the planet. But I just moved my family back to the United States. I want my kids to be Americans but I want them to have the American that I learned about in school. You know, freedom of speech and the government doesnít snoop around your home or your bank account or go through your underwear drawer.

AJ: Well, I just want to point out that they are saying all this. They say more attacks are coming and that will legitimize Patriot Act II. Now we are hearing about Patriot Act III and while they leave the borders wide open. Greg, letís take some calls. John in Florida, you are on the air with Greg Palast, go ahead John.

John: Thank you for taking my call and thank you for all your hard work - both of you - and I mean that very sincerely. My question is going to be directed to something that happened many years ago but Greg, maybe you can shed some light on this, is what happened to the falling out of what was called, twenty years ago, of BCCI? How everyone from that conglomerate, internationally known, has been recycled in some way, shape or form to these institutions that you speak of?

AJ: Well Clark Clifford, the author of the National Security Act, that made the government go secret, Iíve talked to Greg and BCCI is involved, arenít they - the same players?

GP: Yeah, Khalid bin Mahfouz was the principal of BCCI which was bank of , it was a Saudi Arabian bank, BCCI. And its nickname was bank of crooks and criminals. But it was a huge international operation which was basically a giant money laundering operation from crime to terrorism.

AJ: And the Bushes and everybody was involved.

GP: Well, Khalid bin Mahfouz, remember I just told you about how Bushís partner according to two sources, was at this meeting in which al Qaeda funding was discussed in Paris in í96. What of the other people in that room? According to two sources, Khalid bin Mahfouz of BCCI. So, you know, itís the same crew. Look, I canít blame George Bush for these guys having some secret meeting. You know he wasnít invited as far as I know. But the FBI and CIA would really like to follow up on these things so they could find out what these characters are up to.

GP: Anything else John?

John: I just wanted to make - that BCCI isnít talked about enough - I just wanted to throw that in there.

GP: Yeah, BCCI technically has now collapsed and taken billions of dollars down the rat hole. But the principals in this operation....

AJ: Well they always have their fronts, whether itís BCCI or Enron.

John: Thank you, Alex.

AJ: Thank you, John. Weíll come back and talk to others with our guest Greg Palast. The new book just came out today, ďThe Best Democracy Money Can Buy,Ē doubled in size. The hardback was a best seller. His web site is gregpalast.com. We have a link to that at infowars.com. Iím Alex Jones, your host. Final segment with Greg Palast, your calls and other key news items when we get back. Stay with us.


AJ: We are talking to Greg Palast. We only have time for a couple more calls and any other comments he wants to make. Letís talk to Jan in Montana. You are on the air, welcome.

Jan: Good morning Alex and Greg. Itís still morning in Montana. My question, my comment is there is a name that I have been waiting for Alex to hit on, hard and heavy this week and I was wondering what Greg Palast has heard about it or any information - Al-Arian. I thought would be a huge chapter in your case against 9/11, Alex. We printed a picture about a year ago when OíReilly says he broke the story on Al-Arian, the professor from Florida.

AJ: It turns out he has been hanging out with Bush and these other organizations. Greg any comments on that?

GP: Yeah, I just started looking at this. You know the question is whether there were donations again to the Bush family. Itís definitely a line of investigation - once again, where is the American press? You know, I canít do it all. Iíd like my brothers in the American press to be looking at this before the arrests are made - and what is even more dangerous is when the arrests arenít made at all. Itís a very complex business and I just feel like the U.S. press is just completely fallen down.

AJ: But they wonít talk about a Miami Herald report and there was just a few others that for a few days when all air traffic was shut down, locked down, there were jets leaving Miami and jets leaving Boston Logan full of bin Ladens.

GP: Well, you know the, I know that at least after that the air traffic control limit was lifted, there was a charter jet which flew some of the members of the bin Laden family out. Remember they are not all, they are not terrorists just because their name is bin Laden. The thing is that FBI agents had wanted to contact these people as material witnesses...

AJ: Well, why were they allowed to leave but nobody else could?

GP: Well, I think they had a special charter supposely on the grounds that being bin Ladens, they might be attacked by angry Americans. You know, Americans are not that dumb; they donít just pick someoneís last name and attack them. We havenít had any concept of that. In fact, the two guys that the FBI was looking for left even before September 11th - Abdullah and Omar. That was the real tragedy, that those guys had a few questions to answer.

AJ: What about the insider trading? You know that was traced back to some of the airlines themselves and, of course, to some of the CIA people.

GP: That, I havenít been able to look into. You know, like they say, we need a more active American press. Dan Rather, when he was on my show, said, ďLook, we canít ask tough questions.Ē

AJ: Art in Kansas, youíre on the air. Go ahead Art. Last caller. Art, youíre on the air.

Art: Are you aware of the connections of the Bushes with the Eli Lilly Company?

GP: Well yeah, of course, there is a financial connection between the Republican administration now.....

AJ: They are throwing out over a thousand lawsuits over autism being directly linked to their vaccine additive.

Art: thimerosal.

GP: Iím also here in Houston, Texas where Iím talking from and one of the big things to look out for in terrorism is an attack on our chemical plants. And, for example, if you live within two miles of the giant Exxon refinery here and they have a pentene release, anyone within two miles is going to have their skin burned off. There are 7000 people living in that vulnerability zone and there are two ways to fix that problem. First, you can make the plant safer and more secure. Or second, you could simply seal up that information so no one will know what the danger is. What theyíve done is that Exxon has now blocked all of the EPA records so you donít know what the danger is. So if youíre living in a vulnerability zones, youíre still as vulnerable.

Art: I have a newsletter here from Robert Chapman. He says that Bushís budget director, Mitch Daniels, formerly worked at Lilly. The CEO, Sydney Terrell, sits on the presidential Homeland Security Council. And Bush, Sr. sat on the Eli Lilly board.

AJ: And the new federal trade commission guy is a Skull & Bones member. Thanks for the call, Art. I tell you itís one big happy family, isnít it Greg?

GP: Yeah, what Iím worried about is the money poisoning of our political system. Itís not a case of one party or another. What Iím worried about and the reason I called the book ďThe Best Democracy Money Can Buy,Ē it looks like they are holding auctions, not elections. And the question is what are these donations buying? That is a very, very big problem. In fact, let me end with one final thing Alex, who won the last Gulf War? After the last Gulf War, remember we were promised a democracy in Kuwait. Iím still waiting for the election returns from Kuwait, from that little royal dictatorship. But who did win? Iíll tell you: Chevron Oil. After Poppy Bush left the White House or he was removed by two-thirds of the American electorate, he wrote a letter to the emirate asking Kuwait to give Chevron Oil an oil concession. The ex-president of the United State, the guy who saved their Rolls Royces, asked them to give Chevron Oil. They did that and his son got a half of a million bucks for his campaign kitty.

AJ: Unbelievable. Thanks for joining us Greg Palast and good luck with your new book. I appreciate your coming on the show and your great work.

GP: Alex, youíre the best. Truth to power.
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Alex Jones Interviews Greg Palast

Full transcript February 25 2003

AJ: Joining us from the radio studios there in Houston is Greg Palast, joining us for a full hour. Greg, great to have you back on the show.