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Fearlessly Facing The System

Alex Jones December 5 2002

I had a lot of time over the recent holiday weekend to think about the society we live in, the world we live in, the country we live in and the different developments I see unfolding.

The feeling out there is that a lot of Americans know that something is wrong, they know that globalism is expanding, that the economy is slowly imploding and that the hearts and minds of the people are becoming more and more decadent and corrupt. A lot of people then try to just tune it out and retreat back into quiet desperation. We can't do that America, we have to be honest about what we're facing. Of course it's hard to do that because of all the counterfeit conservatives and libertarians that are out there that will present tyranny as freedom and try to tell the population that anyone who talks about real freedom is a kook or a dangerous extremist.

Every day I have mounting piles of evidence of the tyranny, at every level, in every facet of our world and our lives. Scientifically crafted, focused, outrageous corruption. Every signpost, every marker of full-board despotism is now around us. There is so much evidence of this that I can't even cover it in a three hour radio show. How do we defend the constitution and bill of rights? How do we effectively educate our friends, family, neighbors and the people in our communities? How do we get the job done to help people crack the code and decipher what's developing? Because I know exactly what the New World Order's up to, what their plans are, how far ahead of schedule they are on some issues, how far behind on others. If you could only see what I see, if you could only have studied this as much as I have studied it, I know you would have a burning in your belly that would make you work harder to fight it.

It all boils down to our progeny, to our posterity. If you look back in history at what has guided the more successful civilizations and societies, it has been an understanding of the future, an ingrained instinctive need to sacrifice for your young and the young that they will bear and the young that they will bring forward and so on. Our founding fathers were guided by a need to give something better to their progeny, to their young. It is the race consciousness of all human beings to strive and try to support the species. This is one of the more noble in-built programs that God stamped upon our psyches and our very sinews. You can know a person by what they love and also what they despise. I love my family, I love my country, I love planted fields and orchards, I love happy children, I love home and heart, I love decency and honour, strength and courage and will. I despise degeneracy, I despise hatred, I despise weakness and the twisted system that the New World Order is.

If you don't have a sorrow in your breast, a pain for the twisting of the population, if you can't look out and see the people being dumbed-down more and more every day, then something's wrong with you. If you don't feel a debt to your ancestors' struggle to build civilization and you don't feel a debt of responsibility for future generations, then you're not even alive, you're not even a human being. You're a mindless animal, a herd creature. The globalists, the New World Order, the legion of doom, whatever you want to call them, know how to manipulate our most base animal instincts. They know how to pinpoint the weakest areas of our design.

Travelling around Austin Texas visiting family over the holiday weekend I would see everyone in burnt orange University of Texas sports colors. I would go into a convenience store to pay for gas and the store clerk, whether it was an 18-year-old young lady or an 80-year-old man, they would say 'hey, what about the game, do you know the score?' This was their way of tribally reaching out to me, their communication to me on a truly human level. Whereas in our more natural and honourable state it would be 'what do you think the rains will be like?' - 'what do you think the crops will be like?' - 'how are your young?' - 'how are the artisans doing in their work?' - 'how is your tribe?' Instead, it's some facsimile of a tribal mindset - 'how's the sports team doing?' They can tell me all the scores and people's batting averages or how many yards a particular running back ran for or what formation the opposition team was in. But they can't tell me what the First Amendment is, what the Fourth Amendment is, what the Tenth Amendment is. They can't tell me where Iraq is on a map, they can't tell me who our second president was, they can't tell me what the Ten Commandments are. They have no understanding, they have no history, they have no rudder, they have no anchor, they have no safe harbor. They're just little paper mache ships out on the open sea, going where the wind and the waves take them.

I went to see a fairly deep and complex movie with my wife. I had to sit there and listen to the grunting and strange noises being made by the audience. I had to sit there and listen to cell phones ringing and children running around in the aisles snickering. Just five years ago you wouldn't hear an audience act like that, we're turning into animals. We're turning into bestial creatures with nothing but materialism on the mind.

My whole family is threatened by this thing, your family is threatened by it, and you are threatened by it. The New World Order will totally chain you down and dehumanize you. It will strip you of whatever vestiges of creative spark you have left in your soul. It is a systematic program of slavery; it is systematic feudalism and serfdom. It is the total shutdown of freedom, it is the total lockdown of spirit, and it is, as the Bible says, the permeating system that will trade in men's souls in the last days. It is a fad-driven society where as long as the television and the movie stars say it's cool, why then it must be OK.

They are legitimizing euthanasia, forced government extermination of the old, infirm and ill. They are promoting the systematic drugging of the population. They are pushing taxation rates of 85% globally. They are repossessing the property of the people. They are centralizing control. They are erecting every form and function of grade A true tyranny. Tyranny of the blackest and darkest type. It is a swirling vortex of lies and wickedness and evil. My very spirit cries out in anguish and alarm against it.

It's very easy to become cynical because of this, it's very easy to withdraw and throw yourself into mindless hobbies, it's easy to distract yourself and decide that you don't have any power or to believe that it's not your job to fight this corruption. But if you have that attitude, if you have that view, you ensure this system's victory. Believe me when I say resistance is not futile. We have power as individuals, we have power as groups, but we must know the truth, we must know the whole horror. We must face the system. The New World Order is expanding against us. I have studied their methods, I have endlessly poured over their legislation, their statements, their publications, their own documents. I have watched them on television brag about the system they're building.

You will labor in a compact city apartment. You will work long hours directed by quasi/private government entities. You will own nothing but bobbles and trinkets. Your life will be completely ordered for you externally. You will have to get licenses to have children, licenses to raise them. You will be visited weekly by police-escorted social workers. You will take an ever-expanding cocktail of vaccines forcibly pumped into your body by the food you eat and through the shots you were forced to take. You will watch hell on Earth unfold in the decade to come. You will watch hundreds of millions die. You will watch UN extermination forces fan out across the globe. I want you to remember that I warned you and I'm not the one saying all this is going to happen, the globalists are promising you it will all take place.

As the crises get worse and worse, as the pain mounts and the terror increases, they will always herd you back under their black wings and in that supposed safety your very soul will be incinerated.
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