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Jordan Peterson’s Supporters Attack Twitter Bullies Claiming He Almost Cried Over Internet ‘Mobbing’

Sputnik [1]
October 22, 2019

Jordan Peterson rose to fame following a number of videos he posted on YouTube denouncing the extremes of political correctness, and arguing that quite a few widely accepted modern-day social norms go against his own freedom of speech.

In a recent interview with Rex Murphy, Canadian psychology professor Jordan Peterson said he has been off Twitter for about three months since being “mobbed” by critics, lamenting, almost on the brink of tears  – as trolls claimed – that “civilised, socialised people cannot tolerate being mobbed”.

Netizens, meanwhile, couldn’t resist the temptation to attack the renowned social critic over his emotional display:

However, a whole army of supporters stood up in the academic’s defence, arguing those mocking the well-known masculinity promoter’s show of feelings are “sociopaths” with many bringing up staggering male suicide rates:


One meanwhile remarked that Peterson is not on the verge of crying in the interview video, but more likely “a tad sadder” than always:

…while another mentioned a personal tragedy that could have impacted his tone:

Peterson, author of the bestselling book “12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos”, called it a “terrible shock” and said that it “really hurts…[people are] often damaged for lengthy periods of time”.

The professor has spawned controversy for his opposition to hyped modern-day values [11]like social and gender equality.

More specifically, Peterson has risen to fame in recent years as an anti-PC advocate [12] when he expressed opposition to addressing a student by their preferred gender pronouns, if it’s stipulated by law, although he was not against doing as students themselves please. Peterson later posted YouTube videos calling out Bill C-16, a Canadian bill banning discrimination against people on the basis of “gender identity or expression”, arguing it would infringe on his personal freedom of speech.

In mid-October, a new documentary on the professor, titled “The Rise of Jordan Peterso [13]n” [14], an extended version of an earlier film set out on a journey across Canada and the US, with the screenings scheduled in a number of venues, despite earlier cancellations in New York and Toronto.