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Jose Manuel Barroso: plan for EU tax to appear on all receipts

Bruno Waterfield
London Telegraph [1]
Monday, Sept 7th, 2009

All shopping and petrol station receipts in Britain could in future include the amount of VAT or fuel duty that goes directly to Brussels as an “EU tax”, according to Jose Manuel Barroso.

The European Commission President said in an interview with The Daily Telegraph the idea of an EU tax will be discussed in the autumn as part of a major rethink about of how European funding is collected.

There will be “no taboos”, with every radical option left on the table for discussion, he said.

Mr Barroso said under the proposals, “EU and national VAT should appear as separate taxes on the invoices or receipts” every time consumers make a purchase, buy fuel or pay for an airline ticket.

“We will come with our financial review and we will have debate without taboos,” he said.

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