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Judge orders Elmwood Place speed cameras confiscated

Andrew Setters
WLWT [1]
June 28, 2013

Not only have they been shut down for good by Judge Robert Ruehlman, but he’s ordered them to be hauled off the street and impounded.

Both sides in the contentious legal battle over the speed cameras were back before Ruehlman for a contempt hearing Thursday, where the judge ruled that Elmwood Place and the speed camera contractor Optotraffic were in contempt of court.

Back in March, Ruehlman found the speed cameras unconstitutional. He essentially ordered the cameras shut down, the speed camera ticketing program shut down, and ordered that the outstanding tickets did not have to be paid.

On Thursday, Ruehlman found that his order was violated in several ways. First, the cameras were turned back on, although Elmwood Place Police Chief Bill Peskin testified that they were only used to collect speed and traffic data — not to collect license plate information or issue new tickets.

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