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Judgment Day looms for Obama over healthcare and Fast and Furious

UK Daily Mail [1]
June 28, 2012

Barack Obama faces Judgment Day as the Supreme Court is set to announce today whether his healthcare reform will be struck down and Attorney General Eric Holder faces being held in contempt of Congress.

Having spent his first 14 months in office on achieving Obamacare, for the former constitutional law lecturer to see his signature reform declared unconstitutional would be a humiliating blow.

In ramming the bill through Congress, Obama failed to secure a single Republican vote, thereby shedding his campaign image as a bipartisan uniter.

Although passing the bill was a legislative victory, the reform itself has proved to be a political millstone.

The censure of Holder, in which a number of Democrats are poised to join Republicans, would also be a major embarrassment because Obama has claimed executive privilege, something he blasted his predecessor George W. Bush for doing.

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