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Just Label It – New GMO labeling music video released by the Health Ranger

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Mike Adams
Natural News
Oct 9, 2012

In a radical departure from previous music videos, I’ve just released a new song and music video called “Just Label It.” Click here for the song page where you can download the MP3 file, watch the video and read the lyrics.

You can also click here to watch the music video on YouTube, or you can see it on TV.naturalnews.com by clicking here.

The Health Ranger does Sesame Street?

You’ll immediately notice this video is different from anything I’ve done previously. I’ve written this in more of a “Sesame Street” style of music education, hoping the video will appeal to children and school teachers. We’ve also added captions to the video to assist those who are hearing impaired.

The video features my new “muppet” named “Shelby the Chef.” Shelby is a character we plan to use for food education videos in the near future. Shelby is a unique, full-sized muppet / puppet that was custom created for Natural News by a skilled puppetry artist.

The music video encourages people to vote for Proposition 37 in California, the ballot measure mandating labeling of GMOs. It also includes a text note about how Whole Foods continues to knowingly sell unlabeled GMOs in all of its stores.

  • A d v e r t i s e m e n t

And yes, in case you were wondering, I did all the vocals in the song, including the low-octave harmony voice and the high voices. There’s no trickery to it, and I never use auto-harmonizers. I simply lay down multiple tracks over and over again until the harmony sounds right.

The music was created by Dan Gautreau, an incredibly talented composer who also wrote the music behind my popular TSA video called Don’t Touch My Junk.

Check out more of Dan’s music at www.Shockwave-Sound.com — a great resource for licensing music and sound tracks.

Watch the full music video now at:

Meet the Health Ranger’s farm animals!

In the video, you’ll also see my two donkeys, Jackson and Jennifer. My dog Roxy makes an appearance, and you also get to see two of our goats: Liberty and Yuki!

(In case you’re wondering, Yuki is the brown one with the white fur swirl on her head. Liberty is the curious one who’s trying to check out Shelby’s huge mouth.)

You’ll also see a couple of our chickens in the video, although it turned out that Shelby the Chef freaked out our chickens and they fled every time we tried to catch them on video with Shelby singing nearby. (Chickens don’t like weird muppet creatures flapping about…)

Every day on the farm, I feed the chickens, milk one of the goats, feed Roxy some raw bones and scrounge up some tree leaves for the goats to chew on. It’s quite a lot of responsibility, fetching water for the goats, keeping the donkeys out of trouble and keeping all the animals fed. The donkeys now chase me around any time I’m carrying buckets, by the way. As do the chickens, too.

Almost every creature on this farm is truly “free range.” Only the goats have fences. Everybody else just roams around wherever they want. We get the most incredible chicken eggs you’ve ever tasted, by the way. On a daily basis, too!

This is the life, folks! To me, this is more rewarding than living in a mansion, driving a fancy car, partying on the social scene or anything else. I love living on a farm, taking care of animals and being a steward for all the trees, plants and soils that exist on the acreage. Being able to incorporate these things I truly love into this music video was very important to me. Defeating GMOs is also an act of love for life and the entire planet.

This “Just Label It” song, by the way, was divinely inspired. Virtually the entire song came to me in a flash. The lyrics just flowed out almost automatically, and I saw a clear picture in my mind of myself singing the lines, surrounded by yellow flowers, along with Shelby the Chef and my farm animals. It’s startling to have such ideas suddenly downloaded into your brain with such clarity, but that’s what happened to me. So I listened to the message, produced the song, filmed the video and released it.

Regardless of what anyone thinks of the video, I know that producing this is true to my heart and is in full alignment with whatever spiritual forces are at work trying to save life on our planet. If we achieve victory with Proposition 37, I will know that this effort played a role in moving our society one step further away from self destruction.

Help spread the word about labeling GMOs

Please share this video with everyone you know. Help spread the word about the urgent need to label all genetically modified organisms.

Please also consider making a donation to the YES on Proposition 37 group, which you can find at:

You may also wish to support our Natural News Store, which is currently raising money right now to make a sizeable donation to Prop 37 in the next two weeks. Shop for superfoods, nutritional supplements and more at: www.ShopNaturalNews.com

The more you shop there, the more we donate to Prop 37. It’s as simple as that.

We must do whatever it takes to defeat evil and “honor the seed”

We’re doing everything we can, frankly, to help support Prop 37. We’re writing articles, exposing GMO lies across the board, releasing music, producing videos, and encouraging grassroots activism. On this issue of GMO, we’re fighting for the future of life on planet Earth. We’re fighting to save this planet from runaway, self-replicating genetic pollution. Proposition 37 is a significant gateway to victory, which is why your support for this ballot measure is so urgently needed.

In this battle, we are fighting against pure evil. We’re fighting against outrageous lies, corporate greed, and even domination over life. That’s why we must win this battle… because everything is at stake.

That why if I need to sing with a muppet and a group of farm animals in order to help spread the word about labeling GMOs, then I’m happy to do it. No matter what it takes, GMOs must be stopped, and labeling them is the first step toward accomplishing that.

Download the MP3 file of the full song at:

This article was posted: Tuesday, October 9, 2012 at 1:58 am

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