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Justin Trudeau Wants to Censor the Internet if He Wins Re-Election

The king of blackface will get to decide what is considered “hate speech.”

Paul Joseph Watson
October 21, 2019


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will mandate social media companies to censor “online hate and disinformation” if he wins re-election.

That’s right, the world’s number 1 blackface enthusiast will decide what constitutes “harmful” content.

Trudeau’s Liberal Party responded to the following question; “Does your party support the development of a national strategy to combat online hate and disinformation?”

“To help stop the proliferation of violent extremism online, we will move forward with new regulations for social media platforms starting with a requirement that all platforms remove illegal content, including hate speech, within 24 hours or face significant financial penalties,” was the party’s response.

The move comes after Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act, which banned posts on the Internet considered to spread “hatred or contempt,” was repealed by Parliament.

Trudeau party reps have previously met with top Facebook execs in an effort to ramp up censorship efforts.

According to progressives, “hate speech” is anything that contradicts their dogma. Giving Trudeau the power to censor such content is a trap door to the widespread evisceration of free speech online.

“Ultimately, free speech is hate speech, and hate speech is free speech,” warns Mark Steyn. “It’s for the speech you hate, the speech you revile. The alternative to free speech is approved speech, and that necessarily means approved by whom?”

The Canadian election is too close to call. Trudeau could lose to the Conservatives or be forced to head up a minority government by forming a shaky coalition.


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