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Kanye West Joins Occupy Wall Street In Gold Chains, Givenchy Plaid & Balmain Jeans

Julia Rubin
Styleite [1]
October 11, 2011

Today is the day Kanye went on down to join the 99% (of which he’s not a part, despite having taken out loans [2]recently) at Occupy Wall Street. He wore plaid. Givenchy plaid.

The rapper paired his $355 shirt [3] with what we believe are Balmain jeans [4], as well as man bracelets and the Yeezy-not-Weezy necklace he debuted at his Paris fashion show [5]. The internet also reports Kanye was sporting a gold grill [6], but we know those are just his (permanent) gold and diamond crowns [7].

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‘Ye attended the protest with his buddy Russell Simmons, who described the experience to Global Grind [8] (yes, the blog he owns):

“It was amazing to see how people loved seeing Kanye West at Occupy Wall Street. His music and his art has always been about the voice and the power of the people. Kanye just wanted to come down and experience the growing movement that has opened the eyes of many around this country and around the world of the struggles of poor people. The energy at Liberty Plaza was electrifying and the momentum to get the money out of politics is growing quickly.”

So, yeah, that happened. And apparently people really didn’t mind [9] having the famous 1%-ers around for a bit.