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Kerry, in Egypt, Ties $250M in U.S. Aid to Little-Noticed Reform; ‘Outrageous,’ Says Congressman

Patrick Goodenough
CNS News [1]
March 4, 2013

Announcing the release of $250 million in U.S. aid to Egypt on Sunday, Secretary of State John Kerry called it “a good-faith effort to spur reform,” but developments there over the 10 months since his last visit to Cairo offer little cause for optimism.

Kerry said $190 million would be made available in budget support funds – the first portion of a $1 billion pledge President Obama made in May 2011 – and another $60 million would support “key engines of democratic change in Egypt, including Egypt’s entrepreneurs and its young people.”

Three weeks before the May 2012 election that brought Muslim Brotherhood presidential candidate Mohammed Morsi to power, Kerry visited Egypt in his then-capacity as chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and afterwards declared himself hopeful about the prospects for working with a Brotherhood government.

But things have gone so badly since then that, in the past two months alone, six separate initiatives have been introduced on Capitol Hill aimed at prohibiting or limiting aid to Egypt.

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