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Labour’s Would-be Chancellor: We Will ‘Overthrow Capitalism’ and ‘Radically Transform Society’

Breitbart [1]
May 21, 2018

Labour’s Shadow Chancellor and right-hand man to party leader Jeremy Corbyn has said it is his “job” to “overthrow capitalism” and “radically” transform society, whilst praising the former leader of socialist Venezuela.

John McDonnell repeatedly and emphatically backed bringing down the UK’s system of free enterprise and trade in an interview [2] with the BBC, as well as calling for private firms to hand over their profits to the state.

The man who Labour would put in charge of the Treasury, tasked with running Britain’s economy, said he aimed to transform society “in a way that radically changes the system”.

Asked if his job were the overthrow of capitalism, he replied: “Yes it is. It’s transforming the economy.”

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