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Rick Lacey has an MBA from Cleveland State University and is the author of four books. As a Senior Financial Analyst at BP Oil he refused credit to Enron and was subsequently separated from the company. His book, Involuntary Separation, Corporate Downsizing Gone Fatally Wrong is based on his experiences at BP. Rick can be contacted at
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Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

Rick Lacey November 6 2003

These rights have not proved as unalienable as the founding fathers expected and are under assault by the Bilderberg through the current administration.  What the founders believed to be self-evident has been turned on its head.  Few Americans today would acknowledge what the founders assumed we could never forget.  The rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are SELFISH rights.  They are the selfish rights of every citizen and must be cherished and guarded jealously by every individual for his or her own selfish interest.

We Americans have been indoctrinated over the past fifty years with a mindset none dare argue against.  It has become so ingrained into the national value system that not even conspiracy websites and writers will speak out against it.  It is the most insidious of all the myriad forms of double think.  If we are to save our nation, we must reverse it.  We must come to the difficult realization that one of our most basic values and one of our chief sources of national pride is wrong, backward, and evil to its core.  We must admit we have become a nation of fools.  We must all individually acknowledge that we have been brainwashed since birth by the global elite.  This single issue is so difficult to face that I must ask you in advance to please promise yourself to read this entire article no matter how preposterous you find the following premise: Selfishness is a Virtue.  Selfishness is necessary for our survival as individuals and as a nation.

We have been brainwashed to accept as a basic truth that selfishness is evil.  Just as soon as they are able to understand, we teach our children to share.  We teach them that it is wrong to be selfish.  They learn to dread being called selfish.  Eventually, they will hand their favorite toy to a playmate they don't like just to hear their mother's tone of approval.  "Look how well little Johnny shares."  By the time they are teenagers one of the cruelest labels that can be hung on them is that they are selfish.  "He's too self-centered."  Those called selfish are singled out to a wide variety of punishments.  They are ostracized and cast out.  If the brainwashing doesn't take hold by the time they reach adulthood they will likely find themselves friendless or even imprisoned.  Those who manage to avoid prison may end up running our largest corporations, holding public office, or becoming high ranking members of the global elite.

We become convinced it is evil to live for our self but morally right to live for our children, our family, our community, our church, our schools, our country, . . . the globe.  We come to see our good fortune as a source of guilt.  We give to a never-ending parade of the "less fortunate."  Our parents, teachers, ministers, priests, and governments encourage us to give.  They will even tell us what percentage of our income is our "fair share" to give to the ever present but obscure less fortunate.

My point is that the reverse is true.  Altruism in all its forms is evil and ultimately destructive to both the giver and to the receiver.  No person or country is entitled to your money no matter how seemingly deserving of help.  Our founders designed a system that requires we guard the rights to our own selfish life, our own selfish liberty, and our own selfish pursuit of happiness.  Some vehemently do, but the masses do not.

We regularly hear our president justifying tax cuts by stating the unarguable fact that it is not the government's money but the peoples' money.  He claims he wants to cut taxes and let the people decide what to do with their own money.  The words ring true, but to whom are these tax cuts awarded?  Other than a meaningless token cut to gain the votes of the middle class, most of the tax cuts go to the wealthy few, the selfish few, the few who act to protect their selfish rights, the few who resist the brainwashing.

How then does the government justify giving away the peoples' money in the form of foreign aid?  It relies on the brainwashed masses' willingness to sacrifice their own self-interests to give to foreigners that our government convinces us are less fortunate.  It relies on the brainwashed masses' feelings of guilt over the accident of birth that made them Americans.  How else could an American president expect his citizens to agree to give away $87 billion to an oil-rich nation?  Such a request could only be made on a brainwashed population that has been manipulated to believe that the selfish pursuit of happiness is wrong.  How long can America continue to exist if Americans believe that the most basic premise of our Declaration of Independence is evil?  We must end foreign aid and use our own money for our own selfish pursuit of happiness.

In spite of the above some readers will certainly go on believing that selfishness is morally wrong and that it is right to help the less fortunate nations of the world.  To them I offer two further arguments.  The first is that no good has ever or will ever come from American foreign aid.  Most of the nations of the world hate us even as they take our money.  Our aid merely causes dependency and breeds resentment.  The second is that our aid is only disguised as a compassionate attempt to help the less fortunate when in reality it is a part of the Bilderberg plot to convert the world into seemingly independent, ostensibly democratic, capitalist, consumer-driven economies it can exploit.  Our altruism, our generosity, is being used to bring about the One World Order.  Providing electricity to every Iraqi home may seem to be a worthy goal when in fact it is being done to facilitate the brainwashing of the Iraqis through their television sets as a first step in converting the Muslim world.    

These last words are addressed to those potential heroes out there who are held prisoner by a lifetime of manipulation.  Compare my writings with the words of our common enemies - not the Muslim world or the terrorists but the global elite.  They hold you helpless by means of your generosity, innocence, and endurance.  You can not quite conceive of their plan, so you give them the benefit of the doubt and refuse to condemn them.  Perhaps you will never be capable of understanding their true motives because your love of our way of life makes you assume that they must love it even more.  The world is fast becoming the world they want.  Our way of life is the object of their hatred because it is not far enough removed from their way of life.  Do not help them reduce the world to the lowest common denominator.  Do not sacrifice the American way of life to those who hate us.  Go back to my article U.S. Citizen Invaders to see their wider plan.

To win this fight will require total dedication and a break from foreign entanglements.  We must not sacrifice America for the pleasure of the rest of the world.  Fight for your selfish right to life.  Fight for your selfish right to liberty.  Fight for your selfish right to pursue happiness.  In your rational mind you must know that just as you do not want to accept charity you do not want to condemn the people of foreign nations by allowing the Bilderberg to force charity on them.

Our ancestors made the completely logical decision to consent to minor but rational limitations on their freedoms and to obey civil authority in return for protection of their natural rights.  The specifically stated purpose of the government they consented to obey was to "secure the Blessings of Liberty" to themselves and to us.  As stated in my article The United States of America-Mankind's Last Best Hope, America was founded on the principles of the individual's right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  Taking our money and giving it away violates all three principles.  Force Washington to end foreign aid and use our money to pay the national debt.  You do not expect others to live for your sake, so don't sacrifice America and the American way of life for their sake.