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Lance Armstrong and America’s growing culture of psychopathic liars

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J. D. Heyes
Natural News
Oct 22, 2012

Lance Armstrong’s implosion is being called an “epic downfall” by CNN. The U.S. cycling board says Armstrong has “no place in sport” and that the man should be forgotten. The very name “Armstrong” is now virtually synonymous with CHEATING.

Yesterday the International Cycling Union finally stripped Armstrong of seven Tour de France titles, and the people who are still wearing those silly yellow “Livestrong” bracelets are looking increasingly ignorant and uninformed by the day.

And yet, despite the mountain of convincing evidence demonstrating how Lance Armstrong was the ringleader of a massive international drug doping scheme, to this very day he ridiculously insists that he never lied at all. He claims the evidence against him is all fabricated out of some bizarre global conspiracy that seeks to somehow frame Lance Armstrong by faking all the evidence demonstrating that he cheated.

Lance Armstrong is, of course, a liar and a cheat. He’s also part of a repugnant breed of Americans who lie through their teeth and keep on lying, even after they get caught red handed. It seems like we keep running into more and more of these despicable people each day, doesn’t it?

The worst liars have no remorse, no ethics and no apologies

As an investigative journalist at Natural News, I’ve personally exposed numerous “bold liars” who operate much the same as Lance Armstrong. In every case, these liars have a cult-like following of worshippers who have convinced themselves that the person can do no wrong, even as they’re being exploited (and sometimes harmed) by that person. Anybody who still applaudsLance Armstrong or wears a Livestrong bracelet, for example, needs to have their head examined.

One of the more bold liars we exposed here on Natural News was a raw food nutritionist who ran around the country giving lectures and even court testimony under a PhD title that we discovered was completely fabricated. He actually purchased the PhD from a diploma mill! When confronted, he then claimed it was only an “honorary” PhD and therefore it didn’t matter that he acquired it by purchasing it from a diploma mill. Like Lance Armstrong, he just kept on lying even after getting caught.

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We also caught another company red-handed, promoting a toxic liquid with high concentrations of aluminum and sulfuric acid as a “detox” product for internal use. The founder of the company even made videos talking about how it would “remove heavy metals” from your body by turning your fingernails black and / or having “black stuff” coming out of your ears. When we exposed that fraud, the guy then claimed he never promoted it for internal use at all! (Even when we publicly released the video showing him bragging about how great it was to drink “shots” of the toxic liquid.)

So now, Lance Armstrong gets caught red-handed, doping his way to the finish line. He ran an international drug ring, cheated his way to victory, and lied to his fans and his sponsors year after year. And what does Armstrong do when faced with all this conclusive evidence that he was a doper? He LIES some more!

It’s almost as if Armstrong has been lying to so many people for so long that he has completely forgotten what the truth even sounds like.

A culture of lying at the highest levels

We see this same behavior in politics, of course, but it seems far worse than ever before. In just the last year, President Obama insisted he was opposed to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), but it turns out he pushed for and then signed it on New Year’s Eve, hoping nobody would notice. He then lied in public interviews, claiming he was seeking to protect civil liberties! Huh? Click here for his lying video interview with journalist Ben Swann.

Obama is the kind of President who doesn’t merely dodge questions, he looks you straight in the eye and knowingly lies about what he truly plans to do. That’s much like Lance Armstrong claiming he never doped and never cheated. It’s not just that these people are liars; they are liars who feel no shame or remorse.

They are, in effect, psychopathic liars.

Lance Armstrong and psychopathic liars

Look at the definition of a psychopath: “[people] ,,,who are often intelligent and highly charismatic, but display a chronic inability to feel guilt, remorse or anxiety about any of their actions.” Psychopaths often use intimidation to try to silence critics, just like Lance Armstrong did.

If Lance Armstrong felt any remorse whatsoever for his actions, he would apologize to his fans, his sponsors and the entire cycling community for being a decade-long doper while lying to the world. If he felt any shame, he would admit his wrongdoing and ask for forgiveness. But he has done none of these things.

He remains, like many scammers and con-men in America, completely unapologetic and wholly unconcerned about the impact of his actions on the people around him.

That is precisely the attitude that’s destroying America at every level: Banking and finance, health care, politics, corporations and government. When people lie, cheat and steal for their own selfish gains — at the expense of others — everybody loses. That’s what Lance Armstrong did, and that’s why he is now the poster child of what’s deeply wrong in America today. When our leaders and champions are masters of lying and cheating instead of accomplished veterans of hard work and ethical behavior, we lose the very thing that once made America great. We lose our national soul, our credibility and our moral standing.

It is no coincidence that the American empire is now falling just as the Lance Armstrong empire has fallen. When we discard morals and operate with no respect for the truth, we inevitably erode the very foundations upon which we stand.

What Lance Armstrong is to cycling, lying politicians in Washington are to our nation’s future. One empire has already fallen, and if changes aren’t made very soon at the highest levels, we will witness the collapse of another empire.

This article was posted: Tuesday, October 23, 2012 at 2:42 am

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