Lap Dog U.S. Press Feigns Ignorance


The Washington Post and The New York Times add a comical note to a serious cover-up when questioned about Bilderberg’s secret meeting. The Washington Times said it was unable to cover Bilderberg because the meeting was closed.


By The Staff of American Free Press


The Washington Post and The New York Times, which have had representatives at Bilderberg meetings on many occasions, explained their lack of coverage by pleading ignorance.

The Washington Times explained that it was unable to cover Bilderberg because access to the Westfields Marriott was denied. However, its weekly news magazine, Insight, sent a reporter to the scene and plans an extensive story.

The Westfields Marriott refused to discuss its lies in denying that Bilderberg was meeting at its heavily-secured luxury hotel in Chantilly, Va. When pressed, the phone was hung up.

“I’m not sure . . . I really don’t know. What’s it about?” said a man on the national desk at the Post.

He was given a brief summary of the meeting and luminaries who attended and referred the call to “Mr. Kayman.” Al Kayman’s voice mail was given the same civics lesson.

“I don’t know if we’ll be covering it but I will look into it,” said a man on The New York Times national desk. He had also expressed bewilderment and was given a quick history of Bilderberg.

“It was closed,” said The Washington Times man. “We can’t write about something we can’t get into.”

A call was placed to Kieran Atlow, senior sales manager at Westfields. He was unavailable, said a woman who identified herself only as “Barbara.”

“My name is Jim Tucker and I am covering Bilderberg for American Free Press,” she was told. “I was told several times by Westfields staff that there was no such group as ‘Bilderberg’ meeting there. On Thursday, May 30, as Bilderberg was gathering at Westfields, you told the British Broadcasting Corporation that there was no such meeting, ‘only a couple of weddings’ going on. Why did Westfields people lie?”

“I, I, I really couldn’t answer that—I’m sorry,” said “Barbara” as she hung up the phone.