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LaRouche Warns of New 9/11 Type “Reichstag Fire”

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July 26, 2011

In January 2001, Lyndon LaRouche warned in an international webcast of the danger of a Reichstag Fire incident,within that year, with the objective being a dictatorship over the United States. Under the Bush-Cheney regime, the effort came precariously close to fully succeeding. Now the situation is far more desperate, from the standpoint of the London controllers of President Barack Obama. On July 23, LaRouche made the following statements in a meeting with colleagues:

“If you look around the corners of society, you will see that there are operations being staged which have a certain resemblance to 9/11. What was the characteristic then? On the 3rd of January, 2001, I stated—and which shocked the Clinton family very much, both of them, but especially her—I said, ‘We’re looking at a terrorist operation against the United States, sometime during this year.’

“And it happened.

“The warning signs came. Various deployments were made, in various directions, feints — in other words, of the type you’re seeing in Europe and elsewhere now, you see deception operations, a credible threat here, say, Norway; a credible threat there, hmm? Now, there’s a real one in there. So why all these threats? Because if you have many different kinds of threats, coming on simultaneously, your attention is diverted, to try to find, which is the real one? Which is the real one?

“Now, if there were the original threat, you could detect it, you could detect its ancestry. But if you have conflicting threats, which each seem to be equally prevalent, as was true in 2001. And what happened? I didn’t know what was going to happen; I had all kinds of things I knew were likely to happen. I knew what the threats were, generally. We were working on one, which was being built up around Washington, D.C., below Washington, D.C., into the surrounding areas, into Washington, D.C. itself, for a major targetting against Washington. Now, that did become the attack on Washington, D.C., by one of the craft that was shot into the Pentagon. There were attacks, also, in Washington, D.C., against the White House and other locations. Some of this stuff worked, some of it didn’t, but it was all being done.

“So, all of these attacks were given a certain credibility, like what had happened in Italy, in northern Italy earlier, same thing. But then, finally, the ‘real one’ was the ‘mother’ — using the ‘mother’ in the usual ghetto pejorative — exposed herself; exposed herself, right in New York City. The attack was run, by what? The attack was run by two agencies chiefly: The Israelis were in on it, but they were not an active part. They were out there, watching. They were all stationed, in Jersey, looking at the Tower! And then, they skedaddled, afterward. They were looking at the Tower! Why were they gathered there, looking at the Tower? It was an intelligence operation, an Israeli intelligence operation. Because they knew about the attack, and they knew where it was coming from, and they were out there to watch the show.

“It was run by the Saudis, who funded it, indirectly. It was backed by the Saudis, who organized the personnel, which were used for some of the attacks. The Saudi ambassador to Washington, to the United States, was one of the key operators behind the launching of 9/11! In the course of the investigations, it was made absolutely clear, that this was a Saudi-British, that is, BAE, and British intelligence, operation. The money for it was raised by an operation, there.

“When the hearings were held on the 9/11 event, which had been organized with the Bush family!, because the bin Laden family was in Texas at the time of the attack on New York. The whole damned bin Laden family! The same family.

“And after the attack, when the smoke had cleared, and the United States was under siege conditions, occupation-type siege conditions, the whole family were given an escort — the only flight out of the United States, was the family of the Saudi family, were given an escort, safe back to Saudi Arabia! An operation which the Saudis had been a part of planning, and financing, and running.

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“So, the investigation occurred, and the meetings were held, and the discussions were had, and then, there were these paragraphs of the report which indicated, positively, what exactly the relationship was, of the Saudi and British operations, in this case.

“It’s all there! We don’t have all, but we have the indicative evidence, which locates these agencies as being involved in it: Including the Saudi Ambassador to Washington! The operation was run by the BAE, which funded the operation and organized features of it, it was organized by the Saudi Kingdom, the Saudi Monarchy! It was organized by other, collaborating elements within it.

“Now, this was frozen by the Bush Administration. Well, it was the Bush Administration which had organized the attack on the United States! Maybe not poor, stupid Bush, but the Bush interests: It was the Bushes that were holding the family, as guests, down in Texas, at the time the attack occurred. So, we have an act of war, against the United States, and the President of the United States is complicit in covering up the attack, the authorship of the attack. And you respect him? You respect George W. Bush, Jr.? What kind of a creep are you? This guy was guilty, by virtue of his position and the knowledge of his institution, he was guilty of an act of war against the United States! An act of war, actual destruction of American citizens, in an act of war! And the President of the United States was complicit, in covering up that act of war against the United States.

“Now, look at the citizens of the United States! Look at their bravery, the boldness, the efficiency, with which they defended the United States!

“Now, look at the present situation in the light of that. The incumbent President of the United States has just made anew coverup of 9/11! By suppressing one section of the report, in the findings, said it should be expunged on the grounds of “national security”! When this son-of-a-bitch called the current President of the United States is complicitin the attack on the United States, as an act of war against the people of the United States.

Now do you know why I’m saying what I’m saying, when you consider this, and similar kinds of institutions? When I say, you’re looking at doom? What’s the doom, now? The doom is, the bailout.”


This article was posted: Tuesday, July 26, 2011 at 2:57 am

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