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Latest documents advocating the ban of depleted uranium

Jerry Mazza
Online Journal [1]
July 23, 2010

To all those and their associates who remain in denial about the ill-effects of DU in order to keep it as a deadly nuclear tool in the DOD arsenal, let me submit for their and everyone else’s edification some recent documents gathered from reliable government and non-government sources. I have relied on these impeccable sources partially to provide totally independent information for study.

According to the UK Uranium Weapons Network [2], now submitting its evidence to the Iraq War Inquiry, “The UK Uranium Weapons Network (UWN) announced today that it has submitted its report on British military use of depleted uranium (DU) ammunition in the 2003 Iraq War to the Chilcot Inquiry.

At least two Iraqi cities are known to be suffering from public health crises. Fallujah has seen a 15 fold increase in serious birth defects, whilst Basra has experienced a rise in cancers since DU was used in urban combat. The World Health Organisation is currently investigating the causes of the Fallujah birth defects and ICBUW is still waiting for confirmation from the US that depleted uranium was used there.

UWN is campaigning for the UK government to adopt a precautionary approach to the use of DU in conventional weaponry and for greater transparency over where DU has been used to allow decontamination, monitoring and risk awareness programs to be put in place.

Full article here [1]