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Latest Global Warming Scare Theory: Climate Change Is “Killing Trees”

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Global Warming is killing trees according to some scientists. The solution? Cut them down of course

Steve Watson
ay, Jan 23rd, 2009

Trees, which thrive on CO2, are now being killed off by global warming, according to a a new study published Thursday in the journal Science.

“If current trends continue, forests will become sparser over time,” co-author Philip van Mantgem, an ecologist with the U.S. Geological Survey, said in a press conference call.

“This would be a setback in the fight against global warming because thinner forests with small, young trees store less carbon, so more heat-trapping carbon dioxide would cycle into the atmosphere.”

So lets get this straight. There are less trees because the climate is warmer. And the climate is warmer because of increased CO2 emissions from human activity. Trees thrive on CO2, but that doesn’t seem to matter anymore, it is now apparently killing them.

Though he agrees that Western ecosystems are changing due to climatic shifts, Michael Goulden, an ecologist at the University of California, points out that the study was fundamentally flawed to begin with.

“The authors’ argument is based on rejecting the alternatives and showing that warming was correlated with increased mortality,” he said. “The direct evidence that warming caused the change, or even that the observed warming was sufficiently large to have caused the mortality change, is not there.”

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Indeed, previous studies have shown that plants and trees will actually grow more rapidly with higher levels of CO2.

During seven years of exposure to carbon dioxide concentrations 1½ times higher than today’s, test plots of loblolly pines have indeed boosted their annual growth rates by between 10 and 25 percent, found the researchers.

Scientists in Europe and the United States have also concluded that old growth forests store more carbon dioxide than they release. They are not carbon neutral, as previously believed.

It is estimated that estimated that 1.3 billion metric tons of carbon are absorbed by old growth forests annually.

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Trees are not only carbon-sinks, they also pull water out of the ground and release it into the air, creating low clouds that promote cooling.

However, all these facts have not stopped climate change alarmists from suggesting that in order to save the planet we also need to rip out its lungs by cutting down old growth forests.

Since trees absorb carbon dioxide – that evil gas that we breathe – but then begin to give it off as they age, why not just cut down all the trees and turn the planet into one big landfill? That’s effectively what atmospheric scientist Ning Zeng recently told New Scientist magazine, urging the process of “thinning forests and burying “excess wood” in a manner in which its didn’t decay could sequester enough carbon to offset all of our fossil-fuel emissions.”

“Over its lifetime, a tree shifts from being a vacuum cleaner for atmospheric carbon to an emitter. A tree absorbs roughly 1,500 pounds of CO2 in its first 55 years. After that, its growth slows, and it takes in less carbon. Left untouched, it ultimately rots or burns and all that CO2 gets released,” reports Wired Magazine.

Oh the horror! More trees, plants and crops growing and feeding the world due to increased levels of CO2 in the atmosphere! We can’t have that can we!

The solution: “Clear the oldest trees and then take out dead trunks and branches to prevent fires; landfill the scrap.”

And you can trust the government and global corporations to re-plant fresh trees and not use the land to build a new multiplex cinema or a shopping arcade. Seriously, just trust them.

Wait a minute, I thought humans were responsible for CO2 emissions? No – now trees are evil and we must get rid of them. Obviously God got it wrong.

Global warming is a phenomenon that has not been observed since 1998 and will probably not be observed for the next 10 years, according to scientists who are being forced to respond to evidence of global cooling, but who assure us the deadly menace of man-made climate change will return.

Al Gore and his sycophants are proposing that to fight a non-existent problem, we must effectively poison and rape the earth in order to help save the earth.

In light of this contradiction, it’s necessary to question who are the real environmental threats to the planet? People driving SUV’s that emit the natural, life giving gas, the very thing we exhale, and the food that trees and plants crave, CO2 – or the folks that want to rip out the world’s most precious and ancient woodland forests?

This article was posted: Friday, January 23, 2009 at 9:01 am

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