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Lawmakers propose bar codes & RFID transponders to be put on every license plate

Dick Uliano
WTOP.com [1]
December 13, 2012

Lawmakers are learning that license plate manufacturers are developing bar codes for plates that could improve their readability by toll cameras. Another possibility is the use of radio frequency identification — transponders that could be embedded into license plates.

I’ve been able to narrow it down to who conducted the study & I believe it’s theĀ Texas A&M Transportation Institute [2]. I will update if they post the study online.

On a side note at the bottom of their website they posted a link to the Texas Homeland Security website but when taking a look at theirĀ relationships/sponsors link [3] curiously they’re not listed, why is that?

Readers shouldn’t be surprised if DHS is behind the push to have every license plate embedded with RFID transponders.

Full story here. [1]