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Lawyer warns of fluoride class action in Seattle

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Ramiel Nagel
Natural News
Sept 26, 2012

Attorney James Robert Deal at FluorideClass Action has notified the city of Seattle of its potential legal liability for fluoridating the water supply. In his August, 2011 letter he notified the mayor and city council members that Seattle has a potential legal liability of $50,000 per child who suffers from fluoride damage.

Mr. Deal stated:

“The CDC and the EPA in January proposed to lower fluoride added to water from a typical 1.0 ppm down to .7 ppm, a 30% reduction…. A study on the CDC website showed that 41% of kids aged 12-15 had some level of fluorosis, that 8.6% had moderate fluorosis (brown spots), and that 3.6% had severe fluorosis (brown spots with pitting and chalky teeth). The monetary damages for veneers for these kids would be around $50,000 … CDC admits liability and admits the number of kids who are permanently marred, making this the perfect class action or mass toxic tort case.”

Fluorosis defined: Fluoride-damaged teeth

Water fluoridation is not healthy. It damages the teeth and bones of children who drink it. These children get black, brown, or white spots on their teeth (fluorosis). When a child whose tooth is forming is exposed to fluoridated water, fluorosis can occur. Fluoride can also cause permanent defects to teeth, bones and organs. This damage can begin at pre-conception. The fluoride parents consume creates a deficiency in minerals. It also interferes with the body’s bone-building process. This can cause the child’s tooth enamel to become permeable. Drinking fluoridated water can alter the biochemical process that forms tooth enamel. This process, which is based upon the minerals of calcium and phosphorous, is important for healthy teeth.

Fluoride is not a cavity prevention

Children have tooth decay because they are missing essential vitamins and minerals. That is why tooth decay is still rising in children today, even with around 90 percent of the U.S. population being exposed to fluoridated water. The lack of minerals starts at pre-conception. It continues through pregnancy and early childhood. There are many parents who have used the bookCure Tooth Decay to learn how to remineralize their children’s teeth. An important part of this program is the complete removal of fluoride from the parents’ diet and environment. This avoidance is essential to remineralize teeth because fluoride is toxic. It harms vital organs such as the liver, kidneys, and the glandular system.

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Start a fluoride class action lawsuit

As Mr. Deal stated in his letter, fluoridated water does not prevent cavities and it is poisonous. Fluoride damages children’s teeth. This means that not just Seattle, but your city could be legally liable for damages resulting from water fluoridation; however, your city has a defense against a class action lawsuit. They could feign understanding or knowledge. Your response is to let them know they are liable, regardless of negligibility.

You do not need to wait for someone to stop water fluoridation. Follow Mr. Deal’s lead and warn your city of a likely future fluoride class action lawsuit.


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About the author:
Ramiel Nagel is the internationally published author of Cure Tooth Decay and Healing Our Children. “Cure Tooth Decay” teaches you how to remineralize cavities and repair teeth naturally with real food. Sign-Up to receive a free chapter of “Cure Tooth Decay,” and 27 free natural tooth health lessons.

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This article was posted: Wednesday, September 26, 2012 at 12:29 am

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