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Leftist Celebrates Ghislaine Maxwell as Feminist Icon Who Could Bring Down Trump

“It was ALWAYS going to be a woman.”

Paul Joseph Watson
July 14, 2020


Some leftists on Twitter reacted to Ghislaine Maxwell’s appearance in federal court on sex trafficking charges by celebrating her as a feminist icon who could potentially be “the one who brings down Trump.”

On the eve of Maxwell’s court appearance, self-proclaimed “progressive” Democrat Hunter Cullen tweeted, “Tomorrow could get REAL ugly. Ghislaine Maxwell has her day in court. She could (be) the one that brings down Trump and the mob, unless it’s the treason and financials.”

He then appeared to attempt to portray Maxwell, an accused sex trafficker of dozens of young girls, as being some kind of feminist icon by remarking, “Remember, it was ALWAYS going to be a woman.”

Cullen appears to have deleted his original tweet, although his sentiment was shared by other leftists.

“Get it girl,” commented another, while another user shared a feminist meme accompanied with the words “We can do it!”

Others reacted to the tweets with total amazement.

“I am losing my mind,” commented Louis Peitzman.

“People “yass queen”ing an elite pedophile sex trafficker is peak girlboss feminism and i have officially seen enough,” added another respondent.

While Donald Trump was once a personal friend of Jeffrey Epstein, he banned the billionaire pedophile from visiting Mar-a-Lago shortly after Epstein’s 2008 conviction.

Epstein victim Virginia Roberts Giuffre confirmed in unsealed court documents last year that she didn’t witness Trump involved with any of the girls and women groomed by Epstein.

“It’s true that he didn’t partake in any sex with us, but it’s not true that he flirted with me. Donald Trump never flirted with me,” said Giuffre.


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