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Lew Rockwell: Gun Controllers Are the Most Violent People

Lew Rockwell
The LRC Blog [1]
January 9, 2013

In my experience, gun controllers are violent people, and private gun-owners are not. That is, gun controllers support mass murder; they just want it to be a monopoly of soldiers, police, etc. They would be glad to see Alex and the rest of us shot.

Gun owners tend to abhor personal violence, and would only use it in defense of their family, themselves, and their property. And this is not a left-right issue. Non-commissar leftists like the late Alexander Cockburn are anti-gun control; neocons like Bill Kristol or the Randites are pro-gun control.

Here is something that all good people across the spectrum can agree on: the state should be disarmed; the people should be packing.