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Liberal Journos Tell Justice Stevens To Shut-Up About Dinging The Second Amendment

Daily Caller [1]
March 28, 2018

Left-leaning members of the media who are worried about upcoming elections want retired Supreme Court justice John Paul Stevens to stop suggesting lawmakers repeal the Second Amendment.

The Washington Post and Think Progress writers don’t want Stevens’ call to amend the U.S. Constitution to rile up gun-owning, blue-collar workers before the November election. They are asking the 97-year-old former jurist to keep his opinions about gun control to himself.

“It’s a provocative claim, but it also raises serious questions about what planet Justice Stevens is living on,” Think Progress editor Ian Millhiser wrote Tuesday in reference [2] to a The New York Times editorial Stevens wrote, suggesting [3]Republicans and Democrats eliminate the Second Amendment.

“There is nothing ‘simple’ about removing a constitutional amendment,” Millhiser noted before suggesting the move could reshape a sizable portion of the electorate. Polling firm SurveyMonkey published [4] maps from its 2016 presidential election exit polls in October 2017, which showed voters who reported living in a gun-owning household overwhelmingly backed President Donald Trump.

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