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Liberal Website Claims Source Of Holdren Controversy Is “Radical Right Wing”

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When in fact the source is Holdren’s own book

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com
Monday, July 13, 2009

Liberal website News Hounds attempts to giggle and guffaw at the controversy of Obama’s top science advisor John P. Holdren’s plans to mass sterilize the population and carry out forced abortions by claiming that the entire story is an invention of the “radical right wing,” when in fact it comes straight from Holdren’s own 1977 book Ecoscience.

The left-wing website claims that the story is a product of “the black helicopter crowd….doing their usual frothing at the mouth,” despite the fact that giant screenshots of the pages where Holdren makes the statements are available for anyone to view online.

News Hounds snickers at the fact that Fox News ran with the story, adding, “What’s really worth a chuckle is the source of Fox Nation’s fear and loathing and that is the publication of red diaper baby and former left wing radical turned right wing shouter at clouds – David Horowitz.”

Here’s a newsflash for the partisan hacks running News Hounds – the source of the story is not Fox News, it’s not Front Page Magazine, it’s not David Horowitz and it’s not Prison Planet – the source is Holdren’s own book that he co-authored in 1977 and proudly stands by today.

If you visit our original article, you will find screenshots of the book in question. Not Fox News, Not Horowitz, not the “radical right wing,” – Holdren’s own book, you know, the one he wrote. That is the source of the story. Get it?

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Of course, News Hounds are fully aware that the source is Holdren’s own book, but they are trying to turn the issue into a left-right circus sideshow in order to distract from the real issue – that Holdren openly advocated a totalitarian system of government control run by a “planetary regime” and enforced by a “global police force” that would carry out forced abortions, mass sterilization of the public through the food and water supply, as well as mandatory implantation of birth control devices at puberty. Again, that’s not coming from Fox News or Front Page Magazine, those are the proposals in Holdren’s own book, you know, the one he wrote.

News Hounds claim that the whole issue is “A view into the bizarro world of the Obama haters (and that’s “straight up” what it’s all about),” linking to Prison Planet.com. We’d therefore like to point out the fact that Alex Jones’ film Endgame, which is largely about this very issue of eugenics, was produced and released more than a year before Obama even came to office – before he was even selected as the Democratic nominee. This has nothing to do with ‘hating Obama’ – that’s nothing more than a partisan copout and News Hounds knows it.

The page from Holdren’s own book, not Fox News, not Front Page Magazine, not Prison Planet, Holdren’s own book, that proposes “compulsory” or ‘forced’ abortion.

The kind of liberals who read News Hounds are likely to be “pro-choice,” they believe it’s a woman’s right to do with her body what she wants without government interference. Deliciously ironic therefore it is that one of Holdren’s proposals – which is contained in his own book and not on a “radical right wing” website – to carry out forced abortions – would remove that “choice” altogether.

News Hounds claims the contention that Holdren advocates forced abortion is a “smear,” despite the fact that in his own book, that’s his own book, you know, the one he wrote, not something written by Fox News or Front Page Magazine, he writes that, “Compulsory population-control laws, even including laws requiring compulsory abortion, could be sustained under the existing Constitution.”

We’ve come to accept the fact that people who call themselves “liberal” will still vehemently support the same racist, elitist and inhumane eugenics policies that were once embraced by Adolf Hitler in the context of “overpopulation,” but to see them claim that the Holdren story was an invention of insane, frothing, black helicopter fearing radical right wing extremists, when the quotes come directly from Holdren’s own book, is reaching a level of denial beyond fantasy.

This article was posted: Monday, July 13, 2009 at 2:36 pm

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