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Libertarianism is in vogue. Again.

Chris Cillizza
Washington Post [1]
June 10, 2013

Looking for the hot new(ish) thing in American politics? Try libertarianism.

Yes, that long-dismissed political philosophy that eschews government intervention in favor of individual liberty is again coming into vogue, particularly among young voters.

Two issues highlight the growing libertarian strain in the country.

The first is legalizing marijuana. For the first time in more than four decades of polling on the subject, a Pew Research Center survey [2] found in April that a majority of Americans (52 percent) favored legalizing it. Among millennials — those born after 1980 — the numbers were significantly higher, with 65 percent supporting legalization.

The second is same-sex marriage. In aMarch Washington Post-ABC News poll [3], 58 percent of all respondents said that gay marriage should be legal, including a whopping 81 percent [4] of those ages 18 to 29.

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