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Libertarians rally for Ron Paul

Tracie Mauriello
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette [1]
Aug 26, 2012

TAMPA, Fla. — Flag-carrying guests were welcomed with raucous Libertarian tunes, $6 draughts and vendors offering everything from $1 temporary tattoos to $500 cruise tickets.

The Republican National Convention this is not.

Before Mitt Romney’s supporters began trickling into town, a growing crowd of Ron Paul supporters had begun to assemble for a three-day alternative convention at the Florida State Fairgrounds that runs through this evening.

They’re all here: the activists, the idealists, the libertarian, the Tea Partiers, the disaffected Democrats and the music lovers who came to hear bands including Corrected Axiom of Stroudsburg, Pa. Missing, though, is Mr. Paul himself, the Texas congressman who had campaigned for the GOP nomination. He declined an invitation but is holding his own event today at the University of South Florida’s Sun Dome.

“We’re disappointed he’s not here, especially because we’ve been in touch with the campaign for weeks,” said Tracy Diaz, a member of the festival planning committee.

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