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Libya: David Cameron and Barack Obama plan ‘full spectrum’ of action on Libya

Richard Spencer, Tripoli, Adrian Blomfield and James Kirkup,
London Telegraph [1]
March 9, 2011

David Cameron and President Barack Obama have announced a “full spectrum” of action on Libya as Col Muammar Gaddafi’s forces pounded two oil towns in an effort to bring the rebellion against the regime under control.

A joint British and US statement said a plan for a no-fly zone, as requested by many of the rebels, was among the ideas being discussed. Action would also include surveillance and enforcement of the arms embargo against Libya.

The two men spoke as residents of the town of Zawiyah to the west of Tripoli took to the rooftops with loudhailers to appeal to their fellow-citizens not to give up the fight as scores of tanks streamed into the central square.

Fragmented reports from the town, where telephones, electricity and the internet have all been cut, said shells were hitting residential buildings and mosques and bodies were lying in the streets.

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