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Like Wild Dogs Fighting Over a Wildebeest Carcass

Thomas DiLorenzo
Lew Rockwell Blog [1]
Oct 10, 2013

The TV-neocons have been feigning outrage — OUTRAGE!!! — over the fact that taxpayer-financed “death benefits” paid to families of soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan over the past week have been delayed for a couple of days during the bogus “shutdown.”  Families of recently-deceased soldiers have been dragged out onto television studios like props, no different from potted plants, to express their “outrage” that, why, it’s been almost a week and they’ve received no big check for thousands of dollars from the government!  (The government “death gratuity” is $100,000 tax free).  A whole week and no “death benefits.” Why, if they would have known it would take so long to get “their” money, they might even have discouraged their loved one from joining the army to go and murder citizens of foreign countries who have never threatened or harmed then or anyone else in their country.

Promises of “death benefits” to family members  is one of the tools used by government to dupe mentally-challenged eighteen-year-olds to become paid killers for the state.

The TV-neocons are only interested in embarrassing Obama, while these families are fighting for that money like so many wild African dogs fighting over a rotting carcass.

UPDATE: Charles B. writes to ask how the death benefit paid to U.S. soldiers killed in the Middle East differs from the death benefit that Saddam Hussein reportedly paid to the Iraqi families of suicide bombers.  And on CNN last night Montel Williams (himself a military veteran) appeared crying and sobbing over the two-day delay in the hundred grand “death gratuity” for dead soldiers who he said died ”protecting our democracy.”  Has there ever been a more untrue statement stated on television?