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Lime in oceans ‘would reduce CO2 levels’

Chris Irvine
London Telegraph [1]
Monday, July 6, 2009

Adding lime to the oceans could slow down or even reverse carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, according to a new project, known as Cquestrate, unveiled at a climate change conference.

About half of the CO2 released into the air by humans each year is absorbed by the oceans.

Although it helps slow the rate of global warming, it increases ocean acidity and poses a potential problem to marine life.



Under proposals from the Cquestrate project, they aim to reduce ocean acidity while increasingly absorbing CO2 by converting limestone into lime, thereby adding the lime to seawater.

The lime would react with CO2 dissolved in the water, converting it into bicarbonate ions, thus decreasing the acidity of the water, allowing the oceans to absorb more CO2 from the air and reduce global warming.

Full story here. [1]