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Lindsay Lohan Poisoned Tops Google Trends, Awareness To Eugenics Agenda Goes Viral

Debunkers cry foul and claim Lohan was not poisoned despite her own doctors admitting the fact

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com [1]
Thursday, August 26, 2010

The search term “Lindsay Lohan poisoned” topped Google Trends today after Alex Jones launched a viral You Tube video campaign to educate Americans about the dangers of Ritalin-style drugs, vaccines, Bisphenol A, and a toxic cocktail of other ingested and injected substances.

Several blogs responded to the search term topping the charts by claiming that Infowars and Alex Jones had pulled off some kind of “hoax” and that Lohan had never been poisoned.

Oh really?

Lohan’s own doctors at the UCLA rehab facility admitted that she had been misdiagnosed, that she had never had ADHD, and that her reckless and psychotic behavior was solely a side-effect of Adderall abuse.

As Robbie Woliver of Psychology Today reports [2], “When patients take Adderall when they don’t need it, it can have very serious side effects, similar to manic behavior by meth or cocaine users. It also creates sleep disturbances and a whole new vicious cycle occurs when the patient starts self-medicating, including embarking on alcoholism.”

“Lohan’s wild behavior fits the scenario perfectly say the UCLA docs.”



Lohan’s psychotic behavior is being replicated by millions of American children who are victims of ADHD misdiagnosis, which is exactly the point Alex Jones was making when he highlighted the fact that Lohan had been poisoned with drugs she didn’t need that in fact worsened her condition.

Naturally, we used Lohan’s celebrity status as a platform to get the message out about a vital subject, and the result was a complete success.

After the search term “Lindsay Lohan poisoned” topped Google Trends, countless parents who would otherwise have never come across such information will have educated themselves about the subject. If this saves just one child from becoming the victim of Ritalin-style drugs which completely ruin their lives and lead them to suicidal tendencies, then our efforts have not been in vain.

Alex was also crystal clear in his argument that deadly vaccines are also poisoning millions of Americas. A recent Rasmussen poll found that 52 per cent of Americans were concerned [4]about the safety of vaccines in light of numerous examples of H1N1, seasonal flu, and Gardasil inoculations [5] causing debilitating side effects and even deaths.

Watch the clip below and get the word out on how millions of Americans, Lindsay Lohan included, are being poisoned by Prozac, Ritalin, vaccines, Bisphenol A, and numerous other soft kill weapons being used to target humanity as part of the global eugenics program.