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Lisbon Treaty: Czech court to consider reforms

Chris Irvine
London Telegraph [1]
Tuesday, Oct 27th, 2009

The EU’s Lisbon Treaty could take another step closer to ratification when the Czech Constitutional Court consider whether the reforms impinge upon the country’s sovereignty.

The court is set to hear a complaint by 17 Czech senators who want a 15-member panel to decide whether the treaty forms the legal foundations for the creation of a European “superstate”.

The group, backed by Czech President Vaclav Klaus, the only EU leader not to have signed the treaty, argue that if it does, then it violates the Czech constitution.

Should the court find that it does not affect sovereignty, then the EU will then be able to begin implementing its reforms, including the appointment of a new permanent EU president, possibly paving the way for Tony Blair to assume power. The treaty however cannot take effect unless all 27 member states back it.

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