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London Guardian Runs Joke Coverage Of Bilderberg

Only mainstream coverage on huge confab of heads of state, global business and academia comes from a comedian

Steve Watson
Infowars.net [1]
Thursday, May 13, 2009

The London Guardian is running a series of infantile stories on the upcoming Bilderberg group meeting in Athens in an attempt to relegate it to the level of farce and absurdity.

The story of one man’s “pursuit” of the shadowy Bilderberg group [2] is written by Charlie Skelton [3], a British comedy writer and actor.

Skelton is, for want of a better phrase, “taking the piss” out of serious researchers who have followed the Bilderberg Group for years and risked their lives to expose its nefarious agenda.

The piece is clearly designed to offset the growing attention that the elite confab has been attracting from independent researchers such as Alex Jones, Jim Tucker and Daniel Estulin, who are now seen as a threat to the group’s secrecy owing to their efforts to shed light on it’s activity over recent years.

Of course, I will be derided as a geeky, forum dwelling “conspiracy theorist” for even suggesting that is the Guardian’s intention.

“Once a year, it is rumoured, the global elite gather at a luxury hotel to chew the fat and fine-tune their secret plans for world domination.” reads the pompous sub-headline.

Skelton describes Bilderberg as “The yearly alignment of the distant stars that shape our destiny. A long weekend at a luxury hotel, where the world’s elite get to shake hands, clink glasses, fine-tune their global agenda and squabble over who gets the best sun loungers. I’m guessing that Henry Kissinger brings his own, has it helicoptered in and guarded 24/7 by a CIA special ops team.”

Skelton then relates how he is a bumbling fool who cannot find the correct hotel in Athens and how it is sooooooo deeply ironic that he of all people has been dispatched on such a mission of incredible importance (putting on most arrogant sardonic nasal voice).

He characterises himself as paranoid and preposterous, in order to set the precedent that anyone who actually looks into Bilderberg is some kind of sad James Bond wannabe who lives in a deluded fantasy world, painfully detached from reality.

He cites “meagre, third-hand, internet forum sources” as the only information he has to go on to track down Bilderberg. As we know, the alternative media is the only source on Bilderberg because every year the castrated corporate mainstream media refuse to even acknowledge [4] the existence of an event which the editors of every major newspaper in world are present at.

Skelton has already written a second piece [5] which has just gone to press at time of writing, in which characterises the conference as a ping-pong playing holiday in the sun for important people. He asks “why worry?” about Bilderberg.

“George Osborne mentioned going to Bilderberg 2008 in his official expenses (apparently he paid for the flights himself). So why worry? Why interrupt your John Grisham for a single second as the limousines roll up the hill?” Skelton writes.

We have tirelessly made the argument that Bilderberg is one of the most influential entities on the planet and that it’s members have kingmaker power.

Recently leaked documents [6] from the 1955 Bilderberg Group conference held in Germany discuss the agenda to create a European Union and a single EU currency, decades before they were introduced.

The BBC has previously covered the fact that the group was instrumental in the formation of the EU and the Euro currency [7].

It was only last month that Belgian viscount and current Bilderberg-chairman Étienne Davignon bragged that Bilderberg helped create the Euro [8] by first introducing the policy agenda for a single currency in the early 1990’s.

Despite the plethora of manifestly provable examples [9] of where Bilderberg’s agenda has later played out in actual policies and geopolitical developments on the world stage, establishment media debunkers still scoff and sneer at independent researchers who dare claim that 150 of the world’s most influential powerbrokers meeting in secret to discuss the future of the planet might equate to something more than an informal talking shop, calling such assertions “conspiracy theories”.

Exposing Bilderberg is key to exposing the elite agenda, because it’s roots lay in Nazism and eugenics [10], while its influence extends deep into today’s government, industry, banking, business and academia.

Why worry Mr Skelton? Because an event that was once an annual date in the calendar for Hitler’s top banker is now a secret rendezvous for our so called “democratic” politicians.

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The Guardian is a perhaps the most self indulgent and backslapping newspaper in Britain. True, it is also the mainstream newspaper with the most integrity, but when it has the Telegraph, The Daily Mail and The Murdoch for competition that is not something to be too proud about.

The majority of Guardian readers will recognise this piece for the nose in the air derisive snob-fest it is and will happily engage in a child-like chortle. However, others who still think for themselves will look further into the Bilderberg Group, and to do that they will have to discover Infowars, Whatreallyhappened.com and American Free Press.

While the Guardian continues to play cutsie with secretive elite powerbrokers, promising further updates (read comedy whitewashing) from Skelton, Prisonplanet and Infowars will cover this weekend’s meeting in depth.

Readers must choose, do they want to learn the truth behind Bilderberg via top quality reports and updates from whistleblowers and sources inside the group, or do they want to turn to the pages of the Guardian and engage in completely worthless and unconstructive cognitive dissonance by laughing like a five year old?

First they ignore you, then they ridicule you… and you know the rest.