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London Times Smears 9/11 Truth Movement As Racist, Nazi Like, Stupid

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Uses “Birthers” phenomenon to discredit and attack legitimate researchers

Steve Watson
Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A vicious attack piece in the Rupert Murdoch owned London Times has linked the so called “birther” phenomenon with 9/11 Truth, in an effort to imply that the movement is inherently racist and “intellectually scary” (read stupid).

In an article entitled To tell you the truth, these conspiracists scare me, Times “journalist” James Bone equates those who question the government version of events on 9/11 with “crackpot birthers”, referring to those who have questioned Barack Obama’s eligibility to serve as President.

“Perhaps the most intellectually scary assignment I have had in recent years was to cover a meeting of the so-called ‘9/11 Truth Movement’ in the East Village, New York.” Bone writes

“This gruesome assortment of conspiracy theorists insists that the attacks on the US of September 11, 2001 were an inside job.” he continues.

“It is easy to mock this deluded gang of ageing hippies, anarchists and anti-Semites.” he then declares in a statement at once both sweepingly general and libelously offensive.

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“I found the event not just disconcerting but also extremely revealing. I had never understood better how so many Germans could have embraced the crackpot theories of Nazism.” Bone concludes.

Bone should be reminded that the most recent national polls show that an overwhelming majority of Americans have doubts about the official story behind 9/11.

Are most Americans dangerous crackpot Nazi-like racists? Bone seems to think so.

“The assembled conspiracists quickly agreed that the twin towers had been packed with explosives by the Government, since jet fuel did not burn hot enough to melt the buildings’ steel frame.” Bone also writes, implying that the evidence stretches only as far as the invented theory of a handful of paranoid delusionals.

Bone fails to point out that there are scores of peer reviewed studies that have appeared in engineering and physics journals that question the collapse of the towers and building 7.

He fails to address the fact that the latest study produced by former Brigham Young University physicist Dr. Steven E. Jones and published in the Open Chemical Physics Journal, found traces of highly engineered explosive material in World Trade Center dust samples.

Instead Bone trots out the tired book-selling mantra of already multiple time discredited Popular Mechanics editor James Meigs, in order to bolster his slander on 9/11 Truth, as if the opinion of a former Video Review and Entertainment Weekly editor provides any credibility to his attack.

Bone also attacks the strawman of the “no planers”, those who claim that all footage of the planes crashing into the twin towers was fake. As we have exhaustively documented, those people are not representative of the 9/11 Truth movement as a whole, in fact they are a vast minority.

Bone should also be reminded that there are literally thousands of professional architects, engineers, political leaders, medical workers, pilots, scholars, students and people of all professions who have signed petitions calling for a new investigation into 9/11.

Bone should also know that the largest group of victims’ family members, headed by Bill Doyle has charged government complicity in the attacks.

With this galling hit piece Bone is grouping every single one of these people under the umbrella term of “stupid racist lunatic”.

That’s a hell of a lot of potential libel claims to be dealing with.

(Article continues below)

Bone links the “birther” theory with 9/11 Truth via Pennsylvania lawyer Philip Berg, who filed a lawsuit in 2004 charging president George W. Bush and 154 others with complicity in the 9/11 attacks.

Berg appeared on the Alex Jones show yesterday, to explain his role in a new lawsuit challenging the eligibility of Barack Obama to be President of the United States.

Alex Jones and Infowars has remained neutral on the “birther” conspiracy from day one, simply because at this time it is unproven conjecture. Just six months into the presidency, Alex Jones produced a full length feature film documenting the problems with Barack Obama. Everything contained within The Obama Deception is certified fact, thus the birth certificate issue did not even arise within the documentary.

Other researchers such as What Really Happened.com’s Mike Rivero have warned that the flames of the “birther” movement may be intentionally fanned by Obama aides in order to later capitalize from disproving the rumors, which would have the knock on effect of silencing legitimate criticism of the Obama administration in general.

With Obama’s ratings plunging faster than any other president in history, this would certainly be beneficial to him.

Indeed, it seems this may already be unfolding as the latest birth certificate much lauded by a number of conservative blogs and websites as proof positive that Obama was born outside the US has turned out to be a fake.

If Obama had wanted to end the saga of the birth certificate he would have simply authorized the release of the original document a long time ago, instead the issue is being allowed to drag on and escalate to a ridiculous level in the media.

The 9/11 Truth Movement is no more connected to the “birthers” than it is to those who believe in the Loch Ness monster. To link the two issues is disingenuous at best, and at worst represents a concerted effort to relegate eight years of serious research and activism to the level of unsubstantiated conspiracy theory.

This article was posted: Tuesday, August 4, 2009 at 11:07 am

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