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The volunteer Army has been a success more or less although now problems are starting to arise. 

Those current problems arise from an Orwellian police state that refuses to deal with reality.  The Army is stretched so thin that it is nothing more than a paper tiger filled with "ghost soldiers" to cover many of our un-Constitutional commitments.  Rather than realize that perhaps they are reaching far beyond their grasp or, God forbid, they should read the Constitution and cease all un-Constitutional deployments, our politicians do what they always do in these situations. 

They steal from the American people to cover their deficits. 

Look for instance at the growing budget crises in various cities and states here in America.  In a down economy, income and hence taxes, are reduced.  The average household when faced with a smaller income reduces spending, but not government. 

Government instead, demands tax increases to cover the budget shortfalls.  The concept of perhaps cutting out some or most of the un-necessary functions of government never seem to dawn on city and state governments.  This is primarily due to the docility and complacency of the American people, thanks to their successful indoctrination in Public Educational facilities. 

In the past, I have advocated a selective draft, one specifically aimed at drafting only the children of the political "elite".  These draftees would be the first to deploy into any combat operation, there would be no exemptions, waivers or the usual special treatment given to the offspring of our servants turned masters.  I predict that un-necessary wars would thus drop to zero, military equipment would actually do what it is supposed to do and that military pay, veterans healthcare and living conditions would become comparable to that of the civilian sector. 

But the draft, just like taxation, will be selective, that is, it will exempt our political "leaders" and their offspring, who obviously never heard the term "lead by example".  The draft will also have so many exemptions available to the wealthy and friends of politicians that it will resemble the 36,000 page tax code.  The draft will not be a fair and equitable demand put on the American people but a selective burden placed on the backs of those unable to buy proper representation in government. 

The draft will further be a tool for socialist tyranny, allowing the tyrants at federal level to have access to a huge labor pool of pliable young public school indoctrinees. Believe me, after a short period of brainwashing in basic training, these youngsters will eagerly gun down any group of law abiding citizens.  I am not so much concerned about SWAT team sociopaths as I am with wild eyed, heavily armed children with heads full of tyrannical nonsense about law and order. 

But our socialist dreamers and schemers are under-estimating one thing and that is the power of family.  With the draft you will have lots of people in the military who will realize that those "demons" who are for instance exercising their God given, Constitutionally guaranteed rights to keep and bear arms, are a lot like their mom and dad who have similar views.  While there will of course be the usual numbers of Utopian jello-heads who believe the socialist mantra (that the socialist leaders of course understand to be a lie), there will be enough of the other types to neutralize or dissipate the overall power of the draftee army. 

The draft will also bring about another problem, namely that it will require a re-design of the military mission and the weapons and equipment to fulfill it.  Currently I hear a lot of talk from chickenhawks about our various wars and deployments.  The talk usually sounds like "It's their job to die" or "that's what the military is for". 

This phenomenon occurs because the military are currently a warrior caste that are somewhat isolated from many segments of society.  To many citizens, their only understanding of the military comes from watching war movies.  When you have a family member in the military, your understanding (and desire for needless war) changes dramatically; you know what is going to happen, it's personal. 

Next article, I will lay out what I believe is a workable plan for a draft but I guarantee it won't be something that our globalist leaders would buy into.
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Al Lorentz is a Fundamentalist Christian, father and devoted husband, state chairman of the Constitution Party of Texas. Al has served as a Marine Sniper and later as an Airborne Ranger in the Texas National Guard.  He welcomes your comments at
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Police State: Bringing Back the Draft

Al Lorentz October 26 2003

Recently there has been discussion on The Hill by our elected representatives regarding the re-institution of the draft.  The draft was phased in the Vietnam era after the war and replaced by the Volunteer Army.